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Tharptown Elementary recognizes the top three students in the school’s cookie dough technology fundraiser. The top seller, selling 103 boxes, is Ariana Cornelius, second grade. The second-highest seller, with 43 boxes, was first-grader Eli Hollimon. The third-highest seller, selling 42 boxes, was Lillianna Hood, sixth grade.

Tharptown Elementary recognizes top three students in fundraiser

Tharptown Elementary School recently recognized its top three highest sellers of boxes of cookie dough in its fundraiser this March.

Ariana Cornelius, second grade, was the top seller with 103 boxes. Eli Hollimon, first grade, came in second with 43 boxes, and Lillianna Hood, sixth grade, came in a close third with 42 boxes.

“The students raised a little more than $9,300,” explained TES assistant principal Tyler Berryman. “We are ecstatic they put forth that much effort. Our classrooms are certainly in need of more technology.”

Berryman said likely uses for the money include Chromebooks and iPads, with perhaps a few projectors or a smartboard or two.

“We’re very thankful for the students and parents we have at TES and the effort they put forth in this fundraiser,” Berryman said.

It’s an effort also acknowledged by TES principal Molly King.

“Mr. Berryman has been with Tharptown since January. He did a phenomenal job coordinating and overseeing the fundraiser,” King said. “I appreciate all of his hard work, and I am extremely proud of our students and parents for their efforts to make this fundraiser a success. No fundraiser is a success without the support of the community.”