The Franklin County Commission’s announces voting location changes for the College Avenue, Courthouse and Electric Warehouse precincts. 

Sinkhole repair continues

A sinkhole about 2 feet in size that formed a week ago on Walnut Gate Road is still under repair, according the Franklin County Highway Department.

The sinkhole popped up April 7, and repair work began the next day.

“We had to take out the asphalt that was in there,” explained assistant county engineer Jason Baggett during the Franklin County Commission meeting April 11, “and we lined it with riprap and crusher run.”

He said the asphalt will be re-applied once the weather clears.

Baggett said the area is near an old quarry, and sinkholes are a pretty common occurrence for an area like that.

“We’ll hopefully have this done by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, and then we’ll get that part of the road re-opened.”