DKG Alpha Upsilon learns about impressionist artists

The DKG Alpha Upsilon’s April meeting featured member Lela Ray presenting the program, “Travels to Paris, France, to Study Renoir and the Impressionist Artists.”   

For her intro she stated, “Art is not what you see but what you make other people see.”

A few years ago, Lela and Dr. Ray, along with their daughter and her husband, spent two weeks visiting many beautiful sites and taking in the work of the Impressionist Artists at various museums.

Traveling by train, which is the fastest way to travel, they explored sites outside Paris, going to places such as Montmartre, where many artists live and paint their art. Another place was Chatou, a riverside town where people can swim or take a boat ride.

Lela gave each member a copy of the painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-81, by Pierre Auguste Renoir. She brought to life each character in the portrait by identifying who they were.

In the portrait people wore different styles of hats. In the 1880s, men and women wore hats every day as an essential part of their wardrobes. For example, the top hat was an essential for a night out in Paris, as it was a sign of elegance and sophistication worn by middle-class businessmen.  Women’s hats were very elaborate, sometimes with whole flower gardens or feathers decorating the brim.

Cheri McCain, vice president, presided over the meeting. Members answered the roll call by naming their favorite artist. Co-hostesses were Brenda Oliver, Donna Bolton and Sandy Gibson.

Beverly Donaldson gave the Inspiration about the importance of the “three R’s” of education –reading, writing and arithmetic. She emphasized how the Bible also has three R’s to observe: Read it; Remember it; and Respect it.

Names of three potential members of DKG Alpha Upsilon were presented for consideration.  They were approved and will be sent an official invitation to join.

An orientation for new members and current members who need updating on the changes of Delta Kappa Gamma International will be held April 25 at 4 p.m. at Russellville First Methodist Church.

Plans for honoring senior girls with the highest grade point averages in the schools of DKG Alpha Upsilon members were discussed. The senior girls will be invited to the May 2 meeting that will be held at North Highlands Church of Christ. A committee was appointed to contact the schools regarding the senior girls with the highest grade point averages. Each senior girl will be sent a written invitation to attend the May meeting.

At the close of the meeting members were reminded that DKG dues will need to be paid at the May meeting and to bring donations for FAME Girls Ranch.