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Letter to the Editor: Support National Race Amity Day in June

Dear editor,

Amity is a word that means friendship. Last year National Race Amity was celebrated in Russellville and Franklin County in observance of the centennial of the organization. The Race Amity Day Coalition received proclamations from the cities, towns and county commissions in the Shoals area and celebrated the day with a program.

Race Amity Day has an overall mission of the cultivation of friendship and cooperation among and between all people, with the cultivation of race amity as its key tool and end goal.

This year we are expanding our efforts to invite civic organizations and churches in Franklin County to join our coalition and indicate their support for the idea and the mission of our local effort to publicize and expand observance of Race Amity Day.
If your organization or church would like to be a supporter, you can contact the Race Amity Coalition on Facebook at Race Amity Day in the Shoals or call the Rev. Charles Dale.


The Rev. Charles Dale

Race Amity Day Coalition