June 2022 Land Transactions

June 1

Jeff Michael to Karri Cummings, warranty

Homer Dees to Jonathan L. Pharr, warranty

Donnie Cummings to Javier Barriento Antonio, warranty

Waymon Fike to Charles L. Froman, warranty

Terry Lee Dempsey to George Alan Compton, warranty

Jason Stockton to TD Pounders Inc., warranty

Juan Andres Sebastian Lopez to Alabama Department of Revenue, affidavit

Pedro Cotoc to Juan Andres Sebastian Lopez, warranty

Brandon EJ Nichols to Valley State Bank, foreclosure

Tiger Real Estate LLC to Lineco Inc., warranty

Maureen Steele to Maureen Steele, affidavit

Maureen Steele to William Samir Mo Nataren, survivorship

June 2

Lisa Michelle Rushing to Jeremy Norton, survivorship

Peggie Miller to MV Realty of Alabama LLC, agreement

Dorothy Jones to Anna Brooke Hutcheson, warranty

Phillip Wade Barksdale to Dustin Hollander, warranty

June 3

Dorothy Jones to Danna S. Garrison, warranty

Pamela H. Hester to Linda H. Holcomb, warranty

Emily Renea Hurst Rush to Alabama Power Company, easement

Amanda Leigh Hurst Labo to Alabama Power Company, easement

Greg Hobbs to Alabama Power Company, easement

Chris Cantrell to Alabama Power Company, easement

Brian Baker to Alabama Power Company, easement

Winona S. Wilson to Joe M. King, power of attorney

Brooklyn McGee Wynn to Daniel Edward Wynn, survivorship

Mark E. Woodruff to Marty Vandiver, warranty

June 7

Payton Nichols to Donny Baker, survivorship

Jenna Sornberger to CB&S Bank, affidavit

Wanda Carol Dobbins to Polished Properties LLC, administrator’s

June 8

Dave Galloway to Linda Habada, agreement

Dave Galloway to Eloise Bryant, agreement

Rosland Graham Bouyer to Marty Vandiver, warranty

Lawrence and Hall LLC to John Grant Atkins, warranty

Anna Graham to Anna Graham, survivorship

June 9

Shelby Stephens Hovater to Skyler Madden, warranty

Darryl Murray to Johnny Bendall, affidavit

Johnny Bendall to Terry Lee Bendall Jr., warranty

Emma A. Cross to Lilian Yesenia Barrera, survivorship

Micheal D. Sewell to Arnoldo Dubon Iqui, warranty

Shawn Paul Greenhill to Elias Baltazar, survivorship

Frances M. Holland to Paul Edward Pawlowski, survivorship

Don B. Walker II to Daniel Christopher O’Rear, survivorship

CB&S Bank to H.W. Watson and Son Inc., warranty

June 10

Jose Daniel Francisco to Nayely Lopez-Dela Rosa, quit claim

Michael Dyer to Michael Dyer, quit claim

Richard Thomas to Tanner Lee Maddox, warranty

Kelly Caldwell to Laura Parker, quit claim

Amanda Smith Merino to Amanda Smith Merino, warranty

June 13

Jerry Mayfield to Sean C. Mayfield, warranty

Paul Bingham to Greater Life Pentecostal, warranty

June 14

Ladonna Lynn Parker to Martin Tomas Francisco, warranty

Jason Tingle to Toby Allen Jones, affidavit

James Austin Cardena to Brandon Nunley, survivorship

James Austin Carden to Brandon Nunley, agreement

Roberto Sanchez to Anastasio Ochoa, warranty

Anastacio Ochoa to Anastacio Ochoa, survivorship

James R. Davidson to Debra Davidson Ivey, warranty

James R. Davidson to Tina Davidson Cochran, warranty

Betty Sue Everett to Paula Baker, power of attorney

Jeffrey William Bell to Hayden Bell, administrator’s

Edith Ann Hovater Jones to Richard Thomas, quit claim

Eddie Beason to Elmer T. Hovater, affidavit

Edith Ann Hovater Jones to Elmer T. Hovater, affidavit

Lawrence Scott Fuller to Jessie Baker, warranty

De McGuire to Barry Moore, quit claim

June 15

WC Baker Properties LLC to Larsen B. Plyler, resolution

Larsen B. Plyler to WC Baker Properties LLC, warranty

WC Baker Properties LLC to Bank Independent, assignment misc.

Emma A. Cross to Silas G. Cross Jr., power of attorney

June 16

WC Baker Properties LLC to Raul Ruano, contract

Barry Floyd Cook to Gregory L. Edmonds, survivorship

Steve Cox to Stanley Cox, survivorship

Michael Landon Jeffreys to Rodney Baker, warranty

American Inn LLC to Tier Investments LLC, warranty

Larry Wayne Hall to Betty Hall Bedford, warranty

June 17

Aimee LeMay Jackson to Michael Drew Jackson, warranty

Jose Manuel Sanchez to Roberto Sop Lopez, survivorship

Martha Burns DeArman to Martha Burns DeArman 2022, trust

Martha Burns DeArman to Martha Burns DeArman 2022, warranty

James M. Francis to James M. Francis, quit claim

June 21

Druey Doyle Eugene Gandy to Trustmark National Bank, foreclosure

Jerry Fuller to EZR Properties LLC, warranty

Keith Shewbart to Freda Shewbart Hightower, warranty

Keith Shewbart to Freda Shewbart Hightower, corrective

Jason Paul Miller to William V. Mejia, warranty

William Glenn Bragwell to Andrew Adams, survivorship

Patrick Fleming to Brody D. Avery, survivorship

Joey Harbin to Caleb Andrew Jones, warranty

Joey Harbin to Caleb Andrew Jones, warranty

Freddy Hall Properties LLC to Tomas Gutierrez, sale contract

Arthur Wade Sherrill to Stephen S. Busby, survivorship

June 22

Terry E. McDonald to Louann McDonald, warranty

Lawrence and Hall LLC to Martin Chajal Ramos, warranty

Martin Chajal Ramos to Valley State Bank, assignment

Thomas A. Williams to John L. Bo Williams, warranty

Willie Rice to Noel Matos, warranty

June 23

Horace Crowden to Samantha Ann Dotson Trapp, warranty

Samantha Ann Dotson Trapp to Ben Braden, warranty

Freddy Hugh Fuller to Erik Hugh Fuller, quit claim

CP 18 (AL) LLC to Rosedale International, warranty

Reba M. Butler to Erick Wilfredo Gonzales, warranty

June 24

Michael Morlan Sr. to Jim Walter Homes Inc., foreclosure

Corey Gann to Jerry Blackburn, warranty

Frog Pond Cattle Co. Inc., to Alliance Property Partner, warranty

James Joseph Thorn to Roger Anthony Thorn Jr., survivorship

William Allen J. Chandler to Matias Gonzalez, warranty

June 27

Harold Hill to Deborah Kaye Hallman, warranty

Elma M. Baggett to Christopher Baggett, warranty

Deborah Kay Hatton to Jose Pedro Pascual, warranty

Dannie C. Smith to Ferdinand Ivan Nortje, warranty

Margaret Bade Mason to Daniel M. and Margaret B.M., trust

Margaret Bade Mason to Isaac Chase Miller, warranty

Margaret Bade Mason to Isaac Chase Miller, warranty

Clicerio Anton Hernandez to Martin Agustin Martin, warranty

Blake Bendall to Ursula Candice Reed, warranty

John Compton to Lee Anthony Jamison, survivorship

Gerald R. Hester to Gerald R. Hester, warranty

Paula A. Wininger to Thomas David Michael, warranty

June 28

Franklin E. Bishop to Jaret Ward, warranty

Harriet Bostick to Jerrod McKinney, survivorship

June 30

Michael William Gargus to Jarrett R. King, warranty

Kenneth A. Hatton to Devin Hatton, survivorship

Devin Hatton to Wesley Cook, survivorship

Delorous Jean Bearden to Vernon Bearden, affidavit

Delores Bearden to Delorous Jean Bearden, warranty

Greenleaf LLC to Martha Elizabeth McAlpine, warranty

Fred McNeil Willis to Jackie Bradford, warranty

Alexander Ross Mann to Roy Howard Means Jr., warranty

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