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Franklin County Extension recognizes Farm-City poster contest winner

The Franklin County Extension recognized Phil Campbell Elementary fifth-grader Heidi Madden for placing sixth in the state in the annual Farm-City poster contest for the fourth-sixth-grade category.

The primary objective of Farm-City, according to the Extension, is to increase understanding of the relationship between rural farmers and urban workers.

Madden’s homeroom teacher, Juliann Riley, said the poster contest is part of her classroom activities each year. “It’s not mandatory, but I encourage participating, and I give extra credit for it,” Riley explained.

Courtesy of the Extension, Madden and the rest of her homeroom class got to celebrate the achievement with free treats from The Ice Cream Truck.

“It feels great to win,” said Heidi. “I was surprised at first, but then it kind of sunk in. I had fun working on the poster.”

Franklin County Extension coordinator Katernia Cole Coffey said the Farm-City poster contest was a great way for Heidi to showcase her artistic talent as well as to help bring about increased awareness.

“This is a wonderful achievement for her,” said Cole Coffey. “By Heidi winning at the state level, it helps to set standards for future Farm-City poster entries and showcases the leadership and efforts of her teacher, principal and school.

“We thank everyone who supports the Franklin County Farm-City Program.”

PCES Principal Channing Wright said the school was glad to see Madden recognized on the state level. “We’re proud of Heidi’s accomplishment and how hard she has worked.”

Students from 15 counties were recognized at this year’s program and luncheon April 7 in Birmingham. The theme for this year’s contests was “Down to Earth: Agriculture Sustains Alabama.”