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Volunteer, make difference in community

Are you a volunteer? What is the definition of volunteerism?   

Volunteerism is defined as a concept or practice of offering services in a charitable organization or social agency without accepting any pay for it.

Volunteer work is one of the best ways of bringing transformational change in a community. It encourages a strong civic sense and the willingness to give something without expecting a monetary return.

You do not have to be a member of an organization or club to volunteer; however, most of these organizations are motivated by values like freedom, citizenship, promoting equality and improving education that propel them to do something good for others.

I have been an advocate of volunteerism throughout my career – starting in high school, where I had dedicated teachers who were my mentors and encouraged me. I was involved in numerous clubs and learned leadership skills, which prepared me for future volunteer opportunities.

As a retired teacher, it’s been a pleasure to see my former students achieve success and makes me even prouder witnessing them as they give back to the community through their volunteerism.

What are some volunteer works?

  • Raising funds for worthy causes
  • Planting trees and creating awareness about the benefits of the environment
  • Cooking and serving food at community halls
  • Talking and guiding the younger generation on a path that will help them to achieve desired goals
  • Assisting with Vacation Bible School or church events
  • Helping at an animal shelter
  • Taking part in relief projects

What are some benefits you receive as a volunteer?

Dedicating your services for community work helps in making new friends, strengthening existing relations and improving social skills.

Children watch their grown-ups doing volunteering work, and it fosters in them the same feeling from an early age.

The significant advantages of volunteer work are that it helps to fight depression and anxiety. Volunteer work is a booster and builds self-esteem and self-confidence, and it often requires a person to stay physically fit.

Volunteering is all about helping others without any ulterior motive. It is the best way to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Through volunteering, you can make a difference.