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Letter to the Editor: ‘Say no to expanding landfill in Belgreen’

Dear Franklin County Commissioners:

Thank you for your incredible service to our beloved Franklin County, Alabama. It is the county we cherish since we grew up here. 

Having lived away from our home for over 50 years, we love this county even more since we purchased a lake house on Cedar Creek. We consider Franklin County one of most beautiful places on God’s green earth. Belgreen has been properly named “beautiful green.”

By the grace of God and the vision of people like Alabama U.S. Rep. Carl Elliott, TVA built four gorgeous lakes for recreation and flood control. What a gift to the residents!

We pray that you say no to expanding the landfill in Belgreen. Since our county will soon have countywide internet, let us use it to educate and enhance “green jobs” for our county, especially since we are so near Huntsville, the fastest growing city in the state. Franklin County can create jobs and bolster our local economy. So many corporate positions are remote access now, and the potential in technology, space and science is enormous.

No matter where they are, landfills pose a severe threat to the health of residents, lower the value of nearby homes, pollute ground and surface waters, increase heavy truck traffic on local roads and create a drain on tax-dollars to minimize landfill impacts forever. 

For these reasons and countless others, please vote no. Don’t harm our county with serious health effects, deafening noise, pungent odors, decreased property value, excessive truck traffic and water pollution.


Paula and Rod Hovater