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Jason Vinson fills vacancy on Red Bay water board

During Wednesday’s regular meeting this past week, the Red Bay City Council voted in favor of appointing Red Bay City Council Member Jason Vinson to fill the vacant position on the Red Bay Water and Gas Board.

The matter of filling the vacancy was delayed at the July 6 council meeting because the council had not yet received a recorded amendment to the board’s certificate of incorporation.

“I have in front of me the recorded amendment to the certificate of incorporation from the secretary of state’s office, and everything is in compliance,” explained Mayor Charlene Fancher this past Wednesday.

Vinson formerly held a position on the water and gas board, which he resigned during the regular meeting of the Red Bay City Council Nov. 3, 2021, in deference to the ongoing legal battle between the water and gas board and the city council.

The board ultimately dropped its suit against the city, and the amended certificate of incorporation paved the way for Vinson’s reappointment.

During the June 9 meeting of the Red Bay Water and Gas Board, board attorney Danny McDowell explained the series of events leading to dropping the suit.

“That lawsuit that was filed back some time ago regarding whether or not a city council member can serve on the board,” McDowell said. “The chairman of this board who was a plaintiff in there together with the board is no longer the chairman, and the suit should be dismissed because it’s basically mooted as result of your action of the resolution.”

The subsequent amendment removed a paragraph containing a provision stating that none of the members of the water and gas board of directors shall be an officer of the town of Red Bay.

It also states it would be in the best interest of both the board and the city to allow one member of the Red Bay City Council to serve as a member of the board “to facilitate communications and foster goodwill between the parties.”