October 2022 Land Transactions

Oct. 3

Amber Jones to Rocket Mortgage LLC, foreclosure

Glen Hardin to Jerry Glen Hardin, warranty

Catherine Kayle Hardin to Terry Glen Hardin, survivorship

Catherine Kayle Hardin to Terry Glen Hardin, warranty

Oct. 4

Sherry M. Crabtree to R. Darryl Crabtree, quit claim

Janet S. Hale to Cesar Sop, warranty

Christopher M. Heaps to Sonya L. Clement, warranty

Adrian Vela to Maritza Ibeth Ram Garcia, warranty

Matthew W. Aycock to Chris Wallace, warranty

Archie Boone to Matthew W. Aycock, survivorship

Jerry C. Porch to Ethan Kyle Whiteley, warranty

Charles Douglas Ezzell to Wayne West, warranty

Linda F. Malone to Marshall Lee Malone, warranty

Oct. 5

Walter Entrekin Jr. to Esvin Horacio C. Orellana, survivorship

Chad W. Wilson to David Ward, warranty

R. Darryl Crabtree to Charles Hogan, warranty

Oct. 6

Ralton Floyd Baker to Galon Baker, warranty

Sheila Mae Bray to T.V. Garrison, affidavit

Jason William Bray to T.V. Garrison, affidavit

Teresa Smith to Ralph D. Adams, warranty

Marcos Nicholas Calderon to Adrain Vela-Rivas, survivorship

Vicky Joe Nix to Whitney Nix Hutcheson, survivorship

Oct. 7

Refugio Torres Mendoza to Juan Torres, survivorship

Chandler Ayers to Stanley Blaine Mellor, warranty

Lowell C. Ozbirn to Mary Elizabeth Parrish, warranty

Gina L. Williams Kiel to LVNV Funding LLC, affidavit

Lance Williams to Maggie Williams, survivorship

Charles W. Key Jr. to Marcos N. Calderon, survivorship

Kathy L. Prince to First Franklin Financial, foreclosure

Oct. 11

Doug Nicholson to Ashley R. Dailey, sale contract

Gary Harris to Trenia Oliver, warranty

Kathy Pounders to Kathy Pounders, warranty

Marty Vandiver to Jeremy Vandiver, warranty

Marty Vandiver to Marty Justin Vandiver, warranty

Billy C. Fuller Jr., to Belen Paniagua, survivorship

Wanda Myrick to Joshua Eugene M. Upchurch, warranty

Oct. 12

Phillip Craft to Tina S. Tholl, survivorship

Andres Lopez to Hermitano Rodriguez Diaz, warranty

Sonya L. Clement to Catarina Felipe Pedro, warranty

Ellis Wooten to Austin Randall Belue, warranty

Jasmine Moore to Andrea Galicia, sale contract

Charles David Greene to Shoals Family Pharmacy, affidavit

Peter Morris Greene to Susan Greene Carter, power of attorney

Susan Greene Carter to Heather M. Godwin, executor’s

Oct. 13

Joey Randolph to Bawi Khamh Sang, warranty

Bawi Sang to Roadway Property, agreement

John Benjamin McClure to John Benjamin McClure, warranty

Bawi Khamh Sang to Bank of Ozk, affidavit

David Ward to Hicks Rentals LLC, warranty

David R. Grissom to Nickolas Hicks, sale contract

Billy Burchfield to Miranda Iasha Hernandez, warranty

Oct. 14

Jeffrey Shirley to Bret Preston, warranty

Gaynell Heaps to Francisco Carrillo, survivorship

Arthur Bentley Elliott to Adrienne Elliott, warranty

Vickey Joe Nix to Travis Dye, warranty

Ben Braden to Crimson Properties of Ala, warranty

William M. Jardigan to Marietta Wood Supply Inc., timber

Russellville Properties to Arabella Health and Wellness, warranty

Page Housing LLC to RLP Properties LLC, warranty

Oct. 17

Nicholas Cody Wehunt to Justin Warhurst, survivorship

Bryne W. George to Austin Hunter James, warranty

Jerald Thomas Hitt to William Bragwell, survivorship

Andrew Dixon Livingston to Blake James Entrekin, survivorship

Francisca Romero to Francisca Romero, warranty

Tamara Yancey Berlin to Tamara Yancey Berlin, personal representative

Lidia Sotoa to Ana Francisco Gaspar, warranty

Oct. 18

Vonnie J. McGlaugrn to Steven A. McGlaughn, power of attorney

Grace Ann Britnell to Robert Orland Britnell, revocation of power of attorney

Ronald Wayne Benson to Ronald Wayne Benson, warranty

Mary Beth Benson to Ronald Wayne Benson, personal representative

Ronald Wayne Benson to Ronald Wayne Benson, personal representative

Emily Renea Hurst Rush to Emily Renea Hurst Rush, warranty

Hoss Farms Inc. to Kendrick Jerome Mitchell, warranty

Michael D. Pickett to Michael D. Pickett, quit claim

Freida Ellison to Bethany Ellison Malone, trust

Freida Ellison to Eugene and Freida William, warranty

Secretary of Housing to Novad Management Consulting, power of attorney

Oct. 19

Franklin County Commission to John John LLC, warranty

Kim Prescott to Kim Prescott, warranty

Winford Cole to Tammy Medley, warranty

Floyd Newell to Keith L. Wilson, warranty

Bryne W. George to Adam Lee Howard, warranty

Blake James Entrekin to Heather Crowder Cade, warranty

Charles Berry to Terry Aldridge, warranty

Clark Richardson to HTI Partners LLC, affidavit

Oct. 20

Antonio Tomas Jose to Isabel Barriento Antonio, survivorship

Larry Wade Aycock to Isabel Barriento Antonio, quit claim

Sandra Bianco to Kevin Blackburn, quit claim

Oct. 21

Deborah A. Farris to Tyler James, warranty

Chester E. Bray to Harry Trapp, survivorship

Gabriel Logan Roberts to William George Lohenis

Roger Gandy to Randy Strickland, survivorship

Randy Strickland to Roger Gandy, warranty

Jerry Little to Trevor Mitchell, warranty

Oct. 24

CB&S Bank to Lee Hacker, statutory

Oct. 25

Patricia Barnes to The Estate of Teresa Ann, warranty

Brett Alan Hall to Brian K. Hall, warranty

Roy Allen Nale to Elizabeth Hall, warranty

Molly H. Hargett to Colby M. Barnett, survivorship

Dorvan Gober to Robert Louis Gober, warranty

Bruce Edward Jackson to Ridgely J. Jackson, revocation of power of attorney

Bruce Edward Jackson to Richard Allan Graben, power of attorney

Oct. 26

Larry Creekmore to Larry Creekmore, warranty

Alice Bedell to Robert Bedell, affidavit

Alice Bedell to Sharon Mugno, warranty

Alice Bedell to Sharon Mugno, power of attorney

Tina Wilson to Ashley Wright, warranty

Norman Dale Daily to Venustiano Perez Santos, warranty

Rodney J. Strickland to B&L Realty LLC, warranty

Oct. 27

Paul Gilbert to Paul R. Gilbert, warranty

Clara Rivers to James David Ward, warranty

Tanya Williams Bradford to Tracy Ward, warranty

John Edward Cheek to Longbridge Financial LLC, corrective

Oct. 28

Stephen Douglas Ray to Jody Farris, survivorship

Cory D. Jones to Tamira Edwards, warranty

Brannon Wade Burcham to Cesar I. Gonzalez-Barrera, survivorship

Bret Preston to Bret Preston, survivorship

Arthur Augusta Brown to Cascade Funding Mortgage, foreclosure

Richard Terrel Appleyard to Catrece Dawn DeWalt, power of attorney

Jimmie E. Smelley Jr. to Laura B. Smelley, power of attorney

Laura Smelley to Braden O’Neal Mitchell, warranty

Oct. 31

Catarina Felipe Pedro to Tomas Vazquez, quit claim

Carmelo Benza to Josh Barger, warranty

Antonio Tomas Jose to Isabel Barriento Antonio, corrective


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