Russellville provides Christmas dumpsters

“Shannon Wilson came up with a great idea that will be real helpful to everybody in Russellville during Christmas,” explained Russellville Mayor David Grissom during the Dec. 5 Russellville City Council meeting.

Wilson said eight roll-off dumpsters will be placed around town that citizens can use to throw away holiday garbage, such as wrapping paper and boxes, that won’t fit in their regular garbage cans.

It’s all part of an effort to keep garbage off the streets through providing easily-accessible options for Russellville residents to chunk extra holiday trash.

No household waste will be allowed in the dumpsters.

“I appreciate you taking the lead on this,” said Grissom.

Specific dates for dumpster availability have not been set yet, but Wilson said they will be placed and available from around two or three days before Christmas until a few days after Christmas.

Locations for the dumpsters will be:

  • Chucky Mullins Center
  • Old College Avenue school
  • Cedar Creek subdivision at Walnut Gate Road
  • Waterloo Road at the driver’s education range
  • Sloss Lake ball field
  • Old National Guard armory
  • Hester Heights subdivision on Highway 43
  • Underwood Road behind McDonald’s

For more information, contact the street department at 109 Madison St., in Russellville, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., or by phone at 256-332-8750.