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December 2022 Land Transactions

Dec. 1

Hillman McCoy Herring Jr., to Dona Lee Herring Smith, corrective

Tim Baldwin to Joshua Chapman, survivorship

Ann Bates to David Rios, warranty

Chasity Jackson Riner to Eduardo Jose Tomas, survivorship

Beth Fountain to Alma Patricia Martinez, survivorship

Linda Rich to Kevin Little, sale contract

Anibal Andres Pascual to Joel Perez, survivorship

Dec. 2

Lillie Mae Jeffreys to Luther Letroy Jeffreys, warranty

Bill Mobley to Susane Trejo, warranty

Susan Trejo to Valley State Bank, assignment

Shelia Scott Murray to Robert Wayne Murray, power of attorney

Shelby Dean Strickland to James M. Strickland, power of attorney

James M. Strickland to Shelby B. Junkins, warranty

Dec. 5

Peggy Ann May to Amber Nicole Berryman, power of attorney

Billy Hurst to Robert Maynard Lenz, warranty

Cluston Wooten to Ronnie Cluster Wooten, warranty

Paul Kinard to Jason Parker, warranty

Valley State Bank to Riley Gage Keller, warranty

Mark Dale Parrish to Jacob Ward, warranty

John D. Graham to Julita Harris, warranty

Carlos Baltazar to Maria Tomas Felix Andres, warranty

Dec. 6

Tammy McKinney to Claudia Lopez, warranty

Tom Madigan to James M. Mitchell, affidavit

Eddie Wade Cantrell to Angela Janine Dodson Gray, executor’s

Carolyn Betty Sue Taylor to The Carolyn Taylor Trust, warranty

Carolyn Betty Sue Taylor to The Carolyn Taylor Trust, warranty

Carolyn Taylor to The Carolyn Taylor Trust, warranty

Carolyn Taylor to The Carolyn Taylor Trust, certification of trust

Dec. 7

Daniel Wynn to Daniel Wynn, survivorship

Johnny Cleveland to Donirea Blackburn, warranty

Charles P. Helms to Harold Riggs, affidavit

Paul Bingham Builders LLC to Francisco Sanchez-Cotoc, warranty

Sheila McCluskey to Sheila McCluskey, survivorship

Shawn Saint to Lisa Saint, clerk’s

Julie Yarbrough to Gabe Wallace, warranty

Dec. 8

Denise Clark to John Holt, warranty

Ellen Meade to John Holt, warranty

Charles Pennington to Jason Paul Miller, warranty

Larry D. Morris to Rebecca M. Todd, corrective

Dec. 9

Lynda D. Potter to Barry D. Potter, survivorship

Donald Ray Fugate to Rickey Fugate, administrator’s

James David Ward to Ward Capital LLC, warranty

Christopher Alan Morrow to Summer Monahan, warranty

Roger H. Bedford Jr. to Neal Hargett, corrective

James Guinn to Celia Guin Sylvester, power of attorney

James Guinn to Angela Hill, warranty

James Guinn to Lugnad Land Company LLC, warranty

Dec. 12

Brianna Jo Myrick to Kathy Bonner, survivorship

Hurical J. Streetman to Doug Streetman, tax

Hurical J. Streetman to Doug Streetman, tax

Gabriela Gonzalez Roman to Jesus Yaravi Huer Mendez, warranty

Adelfo Garcia to Adelfo Garcia, survivorship

Billy Wayne Lindsey to Randle Gene Lindsey, warranty

Ben Johnson to Nick Vandiver, survivorship

Randy Quinn to Ignacio Lazcano Martinez, warranty

Dec. 13

Maykel Morffi to Carlos Perara, warranty

Tim Maddox to Ken Howard, warranty

Nina Faye Lindley to Phillip Michael Lindley, warranty

Ivan Gonzalez to Belen Paniagua, quit claim

Dec. 14

Steven C. Harvey to Ethan Landrum, warranty

Amber Nicole Berryman to Peggy Ann May, revocation of power of attorney

Sandy Evans to First American Title, affidavit

Bailey Thompson to Sandy Evans, warranty

State Department of Revenue to Trevor H. Hardy, warranty

Dec. 15

Hicks Rentals LLC to Tiger Real Estate LLC, warranty

Jeffrey L. Bowling to Joan Smith Bolton, affidavit

Tyrus White to Ida Elliot, warranty

Tyrus White to Lawson T. Hubbard, warranty

Dec. 16

Donna Gail Warhurst to William Gregory Bendall, warranty

Wallace B. Aycock Sr. to to David Voyles, survivorship

Wallace B. Aycock Sr. to Carl M. Mitchell, survivorship

Mary Hammock Gesler to Mary Hammock Gesler, warranty

James M. Droppleman Jr. to Dennis J. Utt, warranty

Salvador M. Mateo to Manuela Mateo Salvador, warranty

Matthew Cory Pruitt to Sandra Fazzio, survivorship

Albert C. Cleveland to David Michael Cockrum, power of attorney

Dec. 16

Wallace B. Aycock Sr. to Barry Don Jones, survivorship

Dec. 19

Wayne Swinney to Wayne Swinney, survivorship

Wayne Swinney to Teresa Graham, warranty

Charles A. Rea to Brandon Scott Lane, warranty

Dec. 20

Bound Tree Development LLC to Scotty Wood, warranty

Albert Keller to Hicks Rentals LLC, warranty

Richard McGee to Hicks Rentals LLC, warranty

Clarence Thurl Engle to Jessie Faye Engle, warranty

Angela K. Putman to Brenda Denise Ray, warranty

Gregorio Anton Fernandez to Arnulfo Pedro Francisco, warranty

Dec. 21

Greg K. Parrish to Alberto Pena Rabadon, warranty

Jimmy G. Bozeman to Land Resources and Development, warranty

Sean Bennett Perkins to Mayra Jacinto, warranty

Rhonda Hellums to Lance B. Smith, survivorship

Anthony McKee to Manfredo Ramos Santos, warranty

Eddie Beason to Sarah J. Mayfield, affidavit

Lowell Ray Humphres to Brandi Sheree Shewbart, warranty

Sharon Tompkins to Chelsea Tompkins, administrator’s

Greg Parrish to Jose Rodriguez, warranty

Dec. 22

Jackie H. Richardson to Lei-Anne Hester, power of attorney

Elsie F. Richardson to Lei-Anne Hester, power of attorney

Martha F. May to Tammy Camp, quit claim

Alberto Pena Rabadon to Silvia Jimenes Salgado, warranty

Emily Kate Hallm Mansell to Joseph Connor Mansell, quit claim

Emily Kate Hallm Mansell to Joseph Connor Mansell, quit claim

Stancil Brother LLC to Stancil Apartments LLC, warranty

Stancil Brother LLC to John Stancil, warranty

Christopher Barksdale to Christopher Barksdale, warranty

Joseph Connor Mansell to Emily Kate Hallm Mansell, quit claim

Dec. 27

Jason Miller to Faustino Garcia Aguirre, warranty

John D. Graham to Julita Graham Harris, warranty

Donald Ray Fugate to Trent Fugate, administrator’s

Barbara Scott to Trent Fugate, warranty

Gregory K. Parrish to Ventura Vargas, survivorship

David Michael to Roger Chaney, quit claim

Tyrus White to Tyrus White, warranty

Dec. 28

John A. Berry to HW Watson and Sons Logging, warranty

Milford Brown to Lauren Brown Madden, warranty

Dec. 29

Larry Neugent to Ramona Reed, warranty

Mid-State Capital Corporation to Clarence Edgar Hicks, quit claim

Longbridge Financial LLC to Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Perez, warranty

Jose Eduardo Gonzalez-Perez, assignment misc

Bobby Ray Gable to Grant Ray Gable, corrective

Milford Brown to Susan Brown Moore, warranty

Dec. 30

Dorothy M. Simpson to Marvin Ramon Herna Pinon, corrective

Joy Reed to Kara Beasley, personal representative

Gregory Jason McCarty to Joel Uptain, survivorship

Hazel Pennington to Teodomiro Tolentino, warranty

Antonio Salgado to Manuel Hernandez, warranty

Manuel de Jesus Sanchez to Roxana Beatriz A. Sanchez, quit claim

Gene Richard McGee to Hicks Rentals LLC, warranty

Harold Hill to Harold Dion Hill, survivorship

James McDonald to Bill Mobley, warranty

Harold Watson to Kevin Watson, warranty

Evelyn Ann Hill to Nancy Charlene Gladney, personal representative

Evelyn Ann Hill to Chunnia Upton, warranty

Tammy Leigh McNatt to Vicente Pablo Mendoza, warranty


Russellville Elementary students celebrate Board of Education Appreciation Month


BTCPA stages ‘Bad Year for Tomatoes’

Franklin County

County takes needed steps to continue broadband expansion


Russellville High School holds Community Partnership Breakfast to connect with community


Sign up now for youth rec sports through March 1


Russellville club names Bob Seeley Civitan of Year

Franklin County

New year brings official end to concealed carry permit requirement

Franklin County

Schools recognize Franklin County Board of Education


Book Lovers Study Club submits 2022 reports


RHS alum receives Keller Key at UNA

Franklin County

Cattlemen convene for annual banquet

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen hires football coach for fledgling program


City approves temporary fire department promotions

Franklin County

Commission decides to request bids for elevator maintenance


Whimsical window art brightens RPL

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen gets football coach

Franklin County

Martin Luther King commemorative march takes place in downtown Russellville

Franklin County

New district attorney swears in

Franklin County

Cattlemen’s Association prepares for annual meeting


Russellville Public Library director speaks at Book Lovers meeting

Franklin County

Vina native returns to hometown church to share her story

Franklin County

Couple continues annual Christmas jail ministry


City officials reflect on old year, look toward new

Franklin County

MLK march returns to Russellville this year, set for Jan. 16