April Land Transactions

April 3

Marcene H. Oliver to Kayla McKensie Estell, warranty

Bonita Shae Mansell to Shawn Hines Jr., warranty

Stephen Allen Cook to SRE Properties LLC, warranty

Debra Vale Margadonna to Tera Jacobs, power of attorney

Debra Vale Margadonna to Paris Daniel Terry Jr., warranty

Lugenda Land Company LLC to Ramona Edwards, resolution

Lugenda Land Company LLC to Robert T. Edwards, warranty

Fronia E. Horton to Eddie E. Daily, warranty

Wayne Williams to Trent S. Brannon, warranty

Tina B. Head to Tina B. Head, executor’s

Lindsey D. Page to Joseph Page, quit claim

April 4

Phillip Malone to Courtney Hood, warranty

Charles Bancroft to Wayne Gilchrist, warranty

Alan Rice to Jeremiah Morgan, survivorship

Alan R. Rice to Olive Jackson, affidavit

Nettie F. Mills to Blake Hudson, corrective

April 5

Leonard N. King to Jeffery King, warranty

Justin Britnell to James C. King, survivorship

April 6

Kaley Michelle Vandiver to Randy Ergle, survivorship

Addie Grissom Brown to Sydney Manasco, warranty

Mark Edward Woodruff to Keith Alan Hale, power of attorney

Billy E. Nix to Billy E. Nix and Margie R., certification of trust

Billy E. Nix to Billy E. Nix and Margie R., warranty

The Industrial Development to Jolee Alexander McNees, warranty

Billy Nix to The Billy E. Nix and Margie, warranty

Billy Nix to The Billy E. Nix and Margie, warranty

Billy Nix to The Billy E. Nix and Margie, warranty

Gary Umfress to ERE Investments LLC, warranty

ERE Investments LLC to Daryl Chambers, survivorship

April 7

Regina E. Garrison to Don M. Henry, warranty

Doris G. Swede to Jose Matias Pedro, survivorship

Tyler Skidmore to Tyler Skidmore, warranty

April 10

Greg Parrish to Ronald Hollis, survivorship

Marc Page to Vincent W. Davis, warranty

Marcia Cavanaugh to Zachary T. Garrett, warranty

Redmont Custom Cabinets I to A & R Construction LLC, warranty

Tifford Borden to Jacob S. Fretwell, survivorship

Frances D. Brown to Garrett Dean, survivorship

April 11

Eddie Allen to Heather Fowler, warranty

Dolores Sparks to Deanna Browning, warranty

Xingidan Liu to Liu & Chen LLC, warranty

New Freedom Christian Fel to Cityswitch II-A LLC, memorandum of lease

Marty Vann to Robert J. Gills, quit claim

April 12

Eugene Jr. Harris to Patric W. Frost, quit claim

Patric W. Frost to Eugene Jr. Harris, warranty

Scott Crump to Michael Talmadge Swede, survivorship

Nancy Akers to Sarah Jane Carr, warranty

Roger Renfro to Jason Eric Halsey, affidavit

Gereda F. Oliver to Kristi Dolan, survivorship

April 13

SBA Properties LLC to SBA CMBS-1 Depositor LLC, affidavit

Connie R. Graham to Tristan Johnson, warranty

Mary Willie Hester to Mary Willie Hester 2015 R, certification of trust

Clayton M. Hester to Clayton M. Hester 2015 Rev, certification of trust

Debbie Medley Margadonna to Debra Vale ME Margadonna, corrective

Jeffrey Miguel Aldana to Victor Sagastume Pineda, survivorship

April 14

Gaye Isbell Kelly to Daniel G. McDowell, easement

Daniel G. McDowell to Gaye Isbell Kelly, easement

Gaye Isbell Kelly to Tifford Borden, easement

Tifford Borden to Daniel G. McDowell, easement

Tifford Borden to Gaye Isbell Kelly, easement

Betty Minzey to Timothy Wayne Minzey Jr., warranty

Albert D. Berryman to Brayden Berryman, administrator’s

Albert D. Berryman to Brayden Berryman, administrator’s

April 17

Jake Ward to Nick Hicks, affidavit

Jake Ward to Hicks Rentals LLC, warranty

Richard David Suddith to David Ward, warranty

Secretary of Housing to Michael B. Pennington, warranty

Robert E. Davaney to Russellville Family Dental, warranty

Sean C. Mayfield to Ronal de Jesus Medina, survivorship

Ronnie Bradley to Donald Keplinger, warranty

April 18

Jerry Palmer to Tony Welch, survivorship

Jeff Burfield to Jeff Burfield, survivorship

Doris McCarley to Harold Brent McCarley, warranty

April 19

Carl E. Nix to James E. Nix, warranty

James David Ward to Troy Allan Youngblood, survivorship

Clanton M. Hester to Christopher Trussell, survivorship

Tia Heathcoat to James Wesley Heathcoat, survivorship

Opal Alexander to Kurtlan Hiser, survivorship

Robby Wayne Curnutt to Vickie Kaye Curnutt, clerk’s

April 20

Lawaha Parrish to Kenneth Lester Parrish, warranty

Calvin H. Graham to G. Jenkins, personal representative

Brandon Knight to Brandon Knight, warranty

William T. Benford to Rhett Benford, warranty

Wayne Gilchrist to Wayne Gilchrist, warranty

April 21

Cristina Guadalupe Ramos to Erik H. Fuller, survivorship

Donna Cameron to Donna Cameron, personal representative

Vickie Kaye Curnutt to Aldo Jesus Echeverria, warranty

Mark A. Falkenberg to Justin Tapp, power of attorney

Falcon-Wald LLC to Craig Andrew Neitzke, warranty

Kay Welch to Jake Ward, survivorship

April 25

Stephen Ricky Bingham to Patrick Andrew Sykes, survivorship

Randall Ray Hammock to Randall Ray Hammock, warranty

Scott Edward King to Scott Edward King, contract

James Randall McDaniel to Lacy Paige McDaniel, warranty

Janet Dean Parker to Williedean Tesseneer, warranty

April 26

Shawn Fretwell Partain to Christopher Bryan Herring, warranty

Jerry Don Richardson to Leamon Sumerel, warranty

Lucy Lynn Willmar Wilson to Working Tree Farm LLC, warranty

Betty Joyce Dubois Allen to Working Tree Farm LLC, warranty

Elaine M. Calloway to Shea Madden, warranty

Mavis Winchester to Gary Anthony Winchester, warranty

Mavis Winchester to Kenneth Wayne Winchester, warranty

Joyce Ann Allen to Alberto Agustine Francisco, executor’s

Mark Daniel to Homer Byron Cheek, warranty

Industrial Development Board to Tiffin Motor Homes Inc., warranty

Hicks Rentals LLC to Valued Properties LLC, warranty

Debra Vale Margadonna to James Roy Medley, warranty

Frank Kevin Pate to Glenn McFarlin, warranty

Robert Wayne Bridges to Clifton Jason Webb, survivorship

April 28

Bernice Bolton to Rhonda Oliver, warranty

Jarred Pierce to Craig Baker, warranty

Tony Rodgers to Tonya Jean Rodgers Pace, warranty

Jason Eric Hulsey to Dennis Francis Walsh, warranty

Second Creek LLC to NS Retail Holdings LLC, warranty

Gerald Moore to Mitchell Cole Moore, warranty

Gerald Moore to Timothy Wade McCalpin, warranty

Ken Howard to Lloyd M. Hollander, warranty


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