Belgreen presents ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Belgreen High School students performed the Disney Jr. version of “Beauty and the Beast” in the school auditorium. The music was by Alan Menken and the lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. Linda Woolverton wrote the book.

The production included 13 scenes, and the cast was made up of more than 30 students.

The cast included Faith Tackett, narrator; Antone Puckett, Prince/Beast; Madi Pennington, Old Woman/Enchantress; Maddison Melecio, Belle; Cadi Pennington, Gaston; Bryant Britton, Lefou; Khloe Guidry, Madison Spears, Ashlon Vincent (Les Filles de la Ville); Jackson McAfee, Maurice; Elana Hardy, Cogsworth; Faith Tackett, Lumiere; Lindley Boyd, Babette; Madylin Trapp (Mrs. Potts); Hannah McCalpin, Chip; Elizabeth Bailey, Madame de la Grande Bouche; Gracie Frederick, Monsider D’Arque; (servants) Khloe Guidry, William Layton, Brooke McDowell, Madi Pennington, Madison Spears, Ashlon Vincent, Crimson Williams, Danielle Wolfe, Marcelina Zuazo; (villagers) Mitchell Davis, William Layton, Brooke McDowell, Madi Pennington, Crimson Williams, Danielle Wolfe and Marcelina Zuazo.