May Land Transactions

May 1 

United States of America to Steven C. Jones, warranty 

Steven C. Jones to United States of America, statutory 

Joseph C. Spurgeon to Melissa K. Anderson, warranty 

Kisha Jadonna Dison to Larry Pierce, survivorship 

Amber Colbert Mardis to Adam Mardis, executor’s 

Thomas Sidney Hyde to Martin Tomas Francisco, personal representative 

Albert C. Staggs Jr. to Marlin J. Romero Carranza, warranty 

Byron Josue Murrillo to Byron Omar Carranza, survivorship 

Ida Mizie Robinson to Vincent Edward Brown, warranty 

May 2 

Stidham Properties LLC to Dorothy Stidham, warranty 

Paula Ricketts to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Andrea Ricketts to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Caleb Thompson to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Larry Gene Williams to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Evan Carter Properties LLC to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Wayne West to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Donna Hester to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Kevin Lynn Miller to Alabama Power Company, easement 

May 3 

Patricia Juan to Cecilia F. Juan, warranty 

Freida S. Garrison to Betty Allen, corrective 

William G. Maynor III to Aaron Marshall, survivorship 

Sandra Mays to Louis G. Zindel, survivorship 

Lee Allen Page to Jeremy Heath Thorne, survivorship 

Jeremy Heath Thorne to Community Spirit Bank, assignment misc. 

May 3 

Angel Pena to Carmen Arisbel Perez, warranty 

Deborah S. Hammock to Colby G. Hammock, executor’s 

May 6 

Jerome Coppock to Sammy Coppock, warranty 

Robert Earl Shook Jr. to Robin Fugate, personal representative 

Nancy Kent to Charles W. Peden Jr., warranty 

May 7 

Kim Wallace to Gregory Robinson, warranty 

John Curtis Jones to Tina Lynne Springer, warranty 

Colby G. Hammock to Colby G. Hammock, executor’s 

Marilyn Gail Black to Susan Darlene Coker, warranty 

Marilyn Gail Black to Johnathan Raymond Spiegle, warranty 

Donna Jo Kent to Brent Newell, warranty 

May 8 

Mary Lou Ray Hamilton to Bobby F. Hamilton, quit claim 

Glenn Welton to Vickie Jarnagin, warranty 

Dixie Bray to Issac V. Marroquin, warranty 

Nickolas Hicks to Jeffery Chase Fretwell, survivorship 

May 9 

The Chambless Group LLC to Spry FH LLC, statutory 

The Chambless Group LLC to Spry FH LLC, quit claim 

Donald Lee Raper Jr., to Morgan E. Hester, warranty 

Ronald D. Harris to Michael Scott Jones, warranty 

Stella R. Humbers to Stella R. Humbers, warranty 

Donna Ruth Laird to Daniel P. Abel, survivorship 

Gary Dolan to Alfedo Dieguez, warranty 

Joe D. Murphy to Freida S. Garrison, warranty 

May 10 

Evadell Devaney to Robert E. Devaney, clerk’s 

Iva Lee Jackson to Jeremy Jackson, survivorship 

Iva Lee Jackson to Jeremy Jackson, warranty 

Bryan Thomas Rogers to Channing Wright, warranty 

Russell Alack to Leeann Timbs, warranty 

Adam C. Hill to Kimberly A. Hill, quit claim 

Adam C. Hill to Kimberly A. Hill, quit claim 

Pam Galloway to Steven Christopher Bennett, warranty 

Brock Williams to Jose Urdiera, warranty 

Jerry Haithcock to Austin A. Scott, warranty 

James F. Bates Jr., to James Ryan Bates, survivorship 

Lindsay Nicole Thrasher to Dark Horn Investments LLC, warranty 

May 13 

Gary Beam to Christopher Wigginton, survivorship 

Whitney Giles to Manuel Francisco Manuel, affidavit 

Pamela Wilson to Angela Hargett Saint, affidavit 

Earline M. Ezekiel to Earline M. Ezekiel, warranty 

Mario Ramirez Mendoza to Julio Cesar Medina Lopez, survivorship 

Racheal Craig to Linda Palmer, warranty 

May 14 

Alabama Stone Company Inc., to David Cochran, warranty 

Byron H. Newell to Martha Ann Tuck, warranty 

Mary Richard to Lisa Richard, power of attorney 

Joel Smith to Lisa Richard, survivorship 

Sandra Tennyson to James Brock Halladay, survivorship 

May 15 

Toby Cook to Robert Scott Kemble, survivorship 

Tara L. McAdams to Tara L. McAdams, warranty 

Sara A. Rea to The Industrial Development, warranty 

Patricia Juan to Juana Baltazar, warranty 

Kenneth Pounders to Phillip Jeffery Pounders, warranty 

Deidra Sears to James Kennedy, quit claim 

Kathy Kay Kimbrough to April Gandy, power of attorney 

Ashley Lynn Thompson to April Gandy, power of attorney 

Kathy K. Gandy to Ashley Lynn Thompson, warranty 

Felechia W. Clingan to Ronnie Hargett, warranty 

Jaime A. Valdez to Karla Xiomara Arredondo, warranty 

Carl Dean Fisher to Justin Dean Fisher, warranty 

May 16 

Brenda Holaway to Ralph N. Parrish, administrator’s 

Tyler Jeffrey Joyner to Jennifer Jones, warranty 

May 17 

Tomas Miguel Juan to Enrique Martin Pascual, survivorship 

Sandra Mitchell to Richard Barrios-Lopez, survivorship 

Jeffrey T. Haase to Jeffrey Taylor Haase, survivorship 

Laura Myers Haase to Jeffrey Taylor Haase, survivorship 

May 20 

Bobby Saarinen to Jack Wiley Smith, affidavit 

Joel K. Smith to Ma Del Carmen Betancourt, warranty 

Alabama Farm Credit to Alabama Farm Credit, agreement 

Bryan Keith Stults to Bryan Keith Stults, survivorship 

Franklin E. Bishop to Joseph Austin Barnes, survivorship 

Shelah B. Harvey to Shelah B. Harvey, warranty 

May 21 

Vernon W. Keller to Joel S. Logan, warranty 

Karri Jane Cummings to Jill Masterson Baker, warranty 

Timothy Gene Wells to Andrew Steven Dolan, warranty 

Christopher J. Mayfield to Dewitt Craig, warranty 

Carlos Alberto Lemus to Crystal Lynn Bostick, warranty 

Brett Alan Hall to Tonia McDermott, survivorship 

May 22 

Alvielee Kelly Hester to Skyler Brock Hester, warranty 

Donny O’Neal to Lisa Tidwell 

May 23 

Team We Enterprises LLC to Carroll Frank Clemmons, warranty 

Leonard Oneal Mitchell to Leonard Oneal Mitchell, warranty 

Elzie Harold Green to Harold Keith Green, survivorship 

Michael McKinney to Hmun UK, survivorship 

Huver Joel Lima Olivares to Ana Amarilis Olivares, power of attorney 

Gueronimo Figueroa to Eralis Sarceno Lima, survivorship 

Second Creek LLC to DGVIAL001 LLC, warranty 

Carolyn Medley to Jamie Medley, warranty 

Tina Bendall Bridges to Johanna Cristi Cifuentes, survivorship 

Johanna Cristi Cifuentes to Valley State Bank, assignment 

May 24 

Chris Porter to Ronald Humbers, warranty 

Hicks Rentals LLC to McLeod and Ward Real Estate, warranty 

Nickolas Hicks to Tiger Real Estate LLC, warranty 

Charles W. Oden to Steven F. Brantley, survivorship 

Randall Rivers to The Pops Living Trust, quit claim 

May 28 

Dennis C. Stephens to Stuart Taylor, warranty 

Robin Lee Duncan to 21st Mortgage Corporation, foreclosure 

Jacklynn M. DuPont Adams to Tristan Stewart, survivorship 

Thomas Richard to Evan Carter Properties LLC, warranty 

May 29 

Sandra K. Sandusky to Peter Michael Luttrell, warranty 

Byron Dale Nix to Byron Dale Nix, warranty 

James L. Martin to Angela Paige Martin, warranty 

Abstract and Appraisal to S&N Investments, resolution 

Abstract and Appraisal to S&N Investments, warranty  

May 30 

Pamela Denise Uhlman to Caleb Alan Sherrill, warranty 

Michelle Odom to Mae Michelle Odom, survivorship 

David Fox to Kyla Richardson, survivorship 

Sandra G. Marshall to Shoals Land Holdings LLC, warranty 

Diana D.  Wilson to William Shannon Wilson, warranty 

Jerry L. Kaundart Jr. to John Victor Porter 

May 31 

Emily Seal Morrow to Hilda Logan, warranty 

Rebecca Sue Mayfield to Matthew Chase Mayfield, corrective 

Donnie Lee Borden Sr. to Donnie Lee Borden Jr., warranty 

Geoffrey Stidham to Eric Lane, survivorship 

Sandra Bianco to Marie M. Treadway, affidavit 

Frank Lance Tripp to Armando Gonzalez Bautista, survivorship 

Patricia Juan to Cecilia Juan, warranty 

Robert M. Guthrie to Robert M. Guthrie, warranty 

SG&J Properties LLC to Renato Lopez, resolution 

SG&J Properties LLC to Renato Lopez, survivorship 


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