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Slow down, be more present

Many of you are high school seniors about to graduate. Others are still in school. Perhaps the greater portion are no longer in school and ... Read more

1 week ago by María Camp.

Enjoy local performances

Are you among those who eagerly awaited the return of this year’s Roxy’s Salute to Broadway? Perhaps you enjoy performing or just watching those who ... Read more

3 weeks ago by María Camp.

Recognize beauty, help our planet 

It’s probably safe to assume you’ve seen some of the many ways spring is saying hello this year, and flowers are likely high on the ... Read more

4 weeks ago by María Camp.

Scamming the scammer 

A few weeks ago, I got a text from someone who said their name was Zorayna and asked if I was Darlene. I said “no,” ... Read more

1 month ago by María Camp.

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