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Celebrate the Bicentennial with commemorative T-shirt

As you probably already know, Alabama will turn 200 in 2019. But did you know that Franklin County will turn 200 Feb. 6, 2018, and ... Read more

6 years ago by Nicole Pell.

When I think of my grandmother

My grandmother passed away last week. Elizabeth Hayes was my dad's mother. Her passing wasn't a shock, as it is almost expected at 90 years of ... Read more

7 years ago by Nicole Pell.

A few nutrition points to consider – from a Rotary guest speaker

This past Wednesday at our Russellville Rotary meeting, our planned guest speaker was scheduled to share with us about Childhood Nutrition. Read more

7 years ago by Nicole Pell.

Check out our new website

We have made a few upgrades and now have a more streamlined look. Our special sections are now found to the lower right on the ... Read more

7 years ago by Nicole Pell.

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