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Broadband Internet taskforce moves forward

The broadband internet taskforce members discussed several options for grant applications during a meeting on Jan. 21 as the group figures out the next step in trying to supply rural communities of Franklin County with high-speed internet access.

After a ballot measure was passed Nov. 4 of last year, the taskforce is now under the authority of the Franklin County Water Authority. A FCWA board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 26 and discussion of funding for the project is expected, according to taskforce members.

Federal grants are currently being looked at by the taskforce before choosing one and applying, a process that can take up to two weeks, according to taskforce members.

The taskforce estimates that an initial grant of $3 million would be needed to begin putting fiber optic cable in the ground in order to cover rural communities in Franklin County.

Read more about the Broadband Internet Taskforce in the Jan. 28 edition of the Franklin County Times.