Phil Campbell residents deny alcohol sales

PHIL CAMPBELL – The alcohol sales referendum in Phil Campbell failed Tuesday with a vote of 147 to 192.

“It’s what the people wants,” Councilman Danny Brown said. “They don’t want it and we don’t have to deal with it.”

The group gathered outside the Phil Campbell Community Center shared the same sentiment of relief Tuesday night as the results were posted.

“I can’t in good faith vote for something like alcohol,” Patricia Gentry said. “I have to be accountable for what I do, and I cannot vote for alcohol sales.”

Joann Smith feels the same way.

“Alcohol causes more accidents, violence and more deaths,” Smith said. “I’m a Christian and I did not vote for the sale of alcohol.”

Brown said he never really thought Phil Campbell would have the vote because the town is so small, but when the law was passed to allow smaller towns to vote on alcohol sales, residents in Phil Campbell stepped up to hold a alcohol referendum.

Phil Campbell is the first town in Franklin County to hold an alcohol vote. A petition is circling in Russellville, but has not been turned in at this point.

“The people said no,” Councilman Jim Cartee said. “Now it’s over and we can get on with other things.”