Nominations open for area's Unsung Heroes'

By Staff
Jan. 14, 2001
The Meridian Star's 2001 Profile edition will include a group of 10 "Unsung Heroes," special people who give the most important gift of all their time to those around them.
You know these people. They don't ask for recognition or praise. They simply look around their communities, their schools and neighborhoods, their churches and quietly volunteer to do what needs to be done.
They don't get bonuses or rewards, and no one asks them to be the grand marshal at the parade. But their invisible hands work to lift the fallen, strengthen the shaken, teach the uncertain.
The results of their work can be seen all around us.
In the eyes of a child who thought he would never understand long division until a volunteer tutor spent all one rainy afternoon patiently explaining.
In the smile of an elderly lady who thought everyone had forgotten her until one of these unsung heroes decided she needed a new "aunt" to visit on Tuesdays.
In the tears of families rocked by financial hardship, fires, natural disasters who thought they had no one to turn to until they turned into the arms of a neighbor with room to spare in his heart and his house.
Once a year, in the Profile edition, The Meridian Star recognizes these unsung heroes. Tell us who they are. Help us shine a light on them.
Profile 2001: By the People will be published on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Please submit your "Unsung Hero" nomination by Jan. 31 to:
Suzanne Monk, Managing Editor
The Meridian Star
P.O. Box 1591
Meridian, MS 39301
(601) 693-1551, ext. 3229