Jan. 31, 2001

By Staff
Want to kill a deer? Just drive from Union to Hickory
To the Editor:
Please pose a question in a future poll:
I am no deer hunter, but I have a good average going. I have hit two of them that ran in front of my cars without warning, and have dodged at least a dozen others. They literally are everywhere. The only defense you have is not to be going so fast you can't let them have the road.
That, in itself, is a positive result of their apparent over-population. It seems strange that so many people spend so much money on deer hunting. My feeling is that all you have to do to kill a deer is to drive from Union to Hickory. You have to try hard and look every minute, trying to keep from it.
I wonder if we are not headed for a situation like the recent one in Florida, where the unfortunate creatures proliferated until they were starving each other from forage. They seem to have few natural enemies, except of course, the plans and purposes of humanity.
I hope the authorities will notice the problem.
Bob Van Devender
On Bush's faith-based' idea
To the Editor:
I have a problem with the President's idea for giving federal money to "faith based" organizations for human services.
I would prefer that the government allow me a tax credit if I give money to a faith based organization of my choosing. Of course, the organization would have to agree to use the money for human services. A credit of $500 might be about right. Please note that I said tax credit and not tax deduction.
Fred Beckett
Bush education plan offers hope
To the Editor:
The Bush education plan has "hope." The plan would consist of major changes in the current system, but it appears that it will work. Having schools compete against each other will definitely increase the quality of education delivered to the children. Vouchers will provide each and every parent "hope" that each and every child will get a quality education.
Improving the quality of education should be a concern for each and every citizen of this country. Anyone who believes that we are doing the best we can, needs to think again.
Give the plan a chance. History shows that we have been on the wrong road. Maybe, just maybe this will be the right road. How will we ever know, if we don't try?
Do it for your children.
Tal Robinson
Agrees with position, not with technique
To the Editor:
I have E-mailed you a few times in the past to commend you on your willingness to shake up the status quo of local politics. I still commend you for that. However, I also e-mailed your paper a few weeks ago when Mr. Cegielski attacked a lady in the "Letters To The Editor" section who had the audacity to disagree with an article he wrote.
This morning (The Meridian Star, January 28) I see you have chosen to do the same thing concerning the mayor's "Letter To The Editor" on private meetings and clandestine government. Who is showing their arrogance here? You have the entire Meridian Star, and particularly the editorial and news columns, to voice your disagreement with what you don't like. Why do you folks insist on invading the very space you have given to the "outsiders" you seem so concerned about and pouncing on them when you don't agree?
I understand that John Robert Smith is mayor but he is also a citizen and probably a frequent reader of The Meridian Star. That should entitle him to exercise his opinions in the "Letters to the Editor" as much as any one. I think it is underhanded to invite people to participate in a print forum that belongs to the people and then attack them on the heals of their comments in the same forum.
If you are going to call it "Letters to the Editor" then keep the paper's editorial comments out of it. If you are going to use it as a way to ambush readers when you disagree with them, change the name of the column to the "Prepare to be Ambushed" section.
The sad part is that I fully agree with The Star's stance on the subject that was being addressed but I heartily disagree with the way it was handled.
Charlie Haynes
Sees Amtrak as great addition'
To the Editor:
Before long, Amtrak will provide direct passenger service from Meridian west to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
This new train will be a great addition to the many American's who now prefer the old/new way of travel.
Passenger train travel is back, so leave the semi-trucks to travel the Interstate and hop aboard the Crescent Star.
All Aboard Amtrak.
Ray Dunbar
Longview, Texas