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Residents protest cell tower

By By Fredie Carmichael/The Meridian Star
Dec. 5, 2001
A group of residents huddled around representatives from a communications company Tuesday to express their anger for a proposed cellular phone tower near their homes.
The Meridian City Council held a public hearing Tuesday morning for an appeal made by SBA Network Services. SBA wants to place a 180-foot cell phone tower at 5310 Highway 39 North.
The city planning commission rejected the company's request in October; SBA then appealed to the city council at a public hearing on Tuesday.
Even though some residents who live near the proposed cell phone tower site want the city to uphold the commission's recommendation, council members delayed official action.
Residents near sight
Syble Majure, who lives on Windover Circle across the street from the proposed site, told the SBA group after the public hearing why she was against the tower.
Mask told the city council during the hearing that when similar towers have been put up around the state, specifically Madison County, property values have not been affected.
But Majure disagreed.
Upholding decision
David Majure, who also lives on Windover Circle, said the tower would be an "eyesore."
SBA officials said during their presentation at the public hearing that trees would surround the tower to help camouflage it.
Majure doesn't see it that way.
Majure said he hopes the council will uphold the planning commission's recommendation to reject the tower.
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