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Coming soon: 19th Annual Homemaker Arts and Crafts Show

By Staff
Patty Swearingen / County director, MSU extension service
Oct. 19, 2003
The 19th Annual Homemaker Arts and Crafts Show and Sale is coming soon to the Frank Cochran Center at Highland Park. The event is Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, Nov. 2, from noon to 5 p.m.
It's hard for me to believe that I will be involved in this great show this year. I have always admired the hard work that goes into putting the show together and the talent of our participating craftsmen.
There has been a lot of great excitement and anticipation for this annual event all around our office by Homemaker Club members all over our county, by participating area craftsmen, by this year's chairman, Ruth White, and even on the telephone as people call and ask if certain craftsmen will be there.
The final weeks of preparation are here.
In reviewing the list of items that may be purchased, this proves to be one of the best shows we have ever had and we don't want you to miss it. All 80-booth spaces inside, and the several that have been secured outside, will feature handmade items that will start or complete any Christmas list.
One of the focal points of this show each year is the "Aisle of Christmas Trees," with each one featuring handmade ornaments made by Homemaker Club members. Not only is this considered an added attraction, but you also can purchase these handmade ornaments.
The Homemaker Kitchen will be open serving homemade soup, cornbread, all kinds of sweets, sandwiches, chips, coffee, drinks, etc.
Christmas music will be playing continually and admission is only 50 cents.
Yes, we are definitely excited about this year's show, and, yes, it will be time and money well spent for you to come. It's a perfect way to start your holiday season.
But, even more than that, it shows support to our area craftsmen and to the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteer Club program that works to strengthen families.
To me, it is a unique community outreach event that provides individuals and families an outlet to sell items they have produced or made to supplement family income. Plus, this year much of the money raised by the homemakers will be used to fund their community service projects.
Make your plans now to join us for the 19th Annual Arts and Crafts Show and Sale. If you need any additional information, please call us at 482-9764.