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Congratulations to Belgreen

By Staff
We send our most hearty congratulations to Belgreen teachers Jaime Key and Rachel Billingham and their sixth, seventh and eighth grade math students.
The pack traveled to Hanceville last weekend to take part in the Phi Theta Kappa 2007 Invitational Middle School Math Tournament.
Competitions such as these enhance what is taught in the classroom. It reinforces what the teachers are doing everyday and gives the students the chance to put these skills to use in a competitive setting.
Several Belgreen students took home awards and honors for their numerical skills.
This may have been the first time Belgreen has elected to take part in such an event but we're glad to hear it won't be their last. Considering there were 54 schools in the event, the first year competitors from Belgreen have established themselves as a top tier math program.
Thank you to Ms. Key and Ms. Billingham for finding a way to get students excited about math and thank you to the Belgreen students who represented our county so well.
We can't wait until next year when the first place ribbons begin to roll in.