Land transaction, April 21, 2010

These are the most current land transactions as recorded by the Probate Office in Franklin County.Land Transactions, April 21, 2010

April 12

•Zachary Cummings to  Leland Fuller, warranty

•Larry  Taylor to Nancy Wilbanks, warranty

•Bannie McCullough to Jerry McCullough, survivorship

April 13

•Reba Creekmore to Licia Juan, warranty

• Barry Martin to Barbara Vorse, warranty

•Barbara  Vorse to Russell Cummings, warranty

•Donnie Cummings to Heather Murphy, warranty

•Lottie Coan to Nathaniel Whitaker, survivorship

•William Bonds to Clyde Graham, warranty

•Wayne West to Tammy Willis, corrective

•Geraldine Mitchell to Vickie Curnutt, survivorship

•CB&S Bank to Darren Woodruff, survivorship

April 14

•Hal Bray to Jeremy Bray, warranty

•Judy Lawrence to Sherry Wells, survivorship

•Doug Hudson to Juanita King, warranty

April 15

•James Taff to Chris Williams, survivorship

•John Bostick to John Bostick, warranty

April 16

•Brothers Development Inc. to Lucio Mendez, warranty

•Ben Hamilton to Geraldine Harveym warranty

•STI Inc. to Sammy’s Transport, warranty

•Justin Cummings to Tiffany Posey, survivorship

•Bonnie Bragwell to Amy Bragwell, survivorship