Grant aids teacher in preparing classroom

PHIL CAMPBELL– Math students at Phil Campbell High School will have a new place to sit this coming school year thanks to a grant obtained by a hardworking teacher.
Math teacher Resa Witt applied for a grant in an effort to supplement funding for her classroom needs. Thanks to that initiative, Witt will receive 28 new desks before the start of the new school year. The grant totals about $6,000.
“We don’t have the money for classroom supplies and other needed materials, and our old desks were awful,” Witt said.
The project, funded through, is one of 134,038 projects brought to life by the organization since 2000.
“I learned about this grant in March and I applied immediately,” Witt said.
“I’m glad we will be able to have new desks because our old desks were falling a part. When a student isn’t worried about his or her desk pinching them or the top falling off, it makes a better learning environment for the students.”
Witt said her next classroom project will involve the school’s heating and cooling unit.
“Upstairs, we have the old boiler system, and it’s hot in the winter and unbearable in the warmer months,” Witt said. “I’m looking for a grant to help us get equipment in our classroom so the students can learn better.”
Witt said she’s going to do everything she can to create a positive learning environment for her students.