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Suspect in PC burglaries pleads guilty before trial

A man accused of breaking into multiple businesses in the Phil Campbell area pleaded guilty to burglary charges the week he was scheduled to go to trial, courthouse officials said.
Cody Allen Gasaway, 23, 100 Russell Devilla, Apt. D-1, Russellville, pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree burglary, Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said.
Rushing said Gasaway entered the guilty plea on Monday when jury selection was taking place for the current criminal trial docket.
Rushing said the plea reflected that sGasaway agreed to a 15-year prison sentence for each count but he will be sentenced at a formal sentencing hearing at a later date.
Rushing said his office would oppose any attempt at parole.
“We were glad that we were able to resolve this case,” Rushing said.
“Thanks to the outstanding police work by the Phil Campbell Police Department and Chief Terrell Potter, we had solid cases against Mr. Gasaway and he can now begin serving his time for the crimes he committed.”
According to records, Gasaway is accused of burglarizing multiple businesses in the town of Phil Campbell during the months of October and November 2011.
Several other business and residential break-ins were reported during this same time that Gasaway and co-defendant and William Channing King, 24, 1406 Pike Ave., Phil Campbell, were linked to.
Rushing said King pleaded guilty to second-degree theft of property and two counts of third-degree burglary in September and received a 10-year sentence for each charge, which he is currently serving.
The men were accused of breaking into Liberty Hill Baptist Church and stealing a computer, copper wire and damaging the building; breaking into a convenience store at the corner of Alabama 243 and Franklin 75 where reports state a security monitor, cash and cigarettes were stolen and the store’s building was damaged; breaking into the elementary school snack room and vandalizing the expensive machines; breaking into and stealing from the Phil Campbell Boosters’ concession stand; stealing a TV out of the high school field house; breaking into the Bedford Complex concession stand on two separate occasions; taking money from the cash register at a local auto parts store; and stealing money and damaging an expensive machine at a local Laundromat that caused the business to have to close.
“Mr. Gasaway and his co-defendant Mr. King caused a lot of damage and hardship for the Phil Campbell community during this crime spree in late 2011,” Rushing said.
“Our office is glad we had diligent officers who stayed on top of these cases and made sure these men were brought to justice.”