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Phil Campbell wins B-varsity championship

There were only two teams in the B-varsity boys division of the Franklin County Tournament: Phil Campbell and Red Bay. The Phil Campbell Bobcats came out on top in the matchup 42-32 to take home the championship trophy.

Phil Campbell led Red Bay by just one point at the end of the first quarter, 9-8. The Bobcats extended their lead to 23-18 at halftime. After playing to a stalemate in the third quarter, the Bobcats sewed the game up in the fourth quarter, outscoring Red Bay 8-3.

Dylan Jeane led Phil Campbell with 19 points. Mason Swinney added seven points, Jonah Fisher six points, Julian Jimenez five points, Nate Orrick three points and Blaine Goodson two points.

Alex Kennedy led Red Bay with 14 points. Dawson Wright added six points for the Tigers. Kyser Jackson had five points, Hunter Burks four points and Cam McKinney three points.