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Terrace Manor hosts parade for residents

Residents of Terrace Manor donned their masks and ventured outside for a spectacle like no other as local officials and family members drove in a parade down the street to greet residents and spread a little cheer.

Terrace Manor activities director Janice Robinson said it was beneficial for residents to have the chance to be outside and interact with family from a distance. “Things like this really boost their spirits,” Robinson said.

The parade cruised along Underwood Road, with drivers honking their horns, cheering and waving at residents.

Robinson said this was most residents’ first chance to see their families since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“A lot of them, it was their first time seeing children or grandchildren in a while,” Robinson said. “They were so happy to have the chance to see them and to say hello.”

Residents sat in chairs along the road in the front parking lot of Terrace Manor, 6 feet in between each resident with caution tape protecting the viewing area. No one other than hospital staff was allowed to get close to residents, but residents still enjoyed cheering when they saw family members.

“It just meant a lot to them to see everyone come out and see them,” Robinson said. “I think it really helped them out a lot.”

Family members who drove in the parade decorated their cars with balloons or messages to the residents and workers. Residents also made signs to show to family members who drove by. The signs had a variety of messages, from “We miss you” and “Wee you soon” to “God will see us through” and “We are united.”

In addition to family members, several Russellville officials drove through the parade to greet residents. The residents also had greetings from the Russellville Fire Department and Russellville Police Department.