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April 2021 Marriage Licenses

April 6

Jonathan Bolton to Michelle Wrona

Danny Borden to Erin Putman

April 7

Thomas Murray to Lauren Reynolds

April 8

Robert Herron to Crystal McClelland  

Tim Malone to Charmyn Oliver

April 9

Joshua Williams to Carol Moody

Don Walker to Adreanne Dulaney

Leigha Hoffman to Cody Heirtzler

Makenzie White to Brooklyn Jenkins

April 12

Shandi Gardner to Jessica Hall

April 15

Kimberly Calhoun to Kevin White

April 16

Jose Medorio to Mirna Garcia 

Kenderick Welch to Kayaria Baswell

Kristopher Horton to Anna Rooker

Jessica Judith to Johana Aracely

Kayla Horton to Paulencia Turner

April 21

Austin Shirley to Kristy Moore

Michael Gilliland to Ashleigh Coats

April 23

Billy Raper to Becky Graham

April 28

Barbara Hester to Denesha Clement