Find opportunities for culture in community

For spring break this year, a friend and I chose to embrace a little arts and culture.

We saw a play performed by a community theatre group. We visited a tulip farm and shopped the wares of local artisans while listening to the live entertainment. We toured an art museum and admired the many paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. We ate local cuisine.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Now, it’s true that we traveled out of town to do these things. One does want to get away occasionally, and spring break is a popular time for that.

It got me thinking, however, how many wonderful opportunities we have to embrace culture right here at home.

Why, just this past weekend Russellville boasted musical theatre with a production of “Moana Jr.” by our talented high school students, plus a creatively hosted brunch and fashion show put on by the Book Lovers Study Club.

We so often have the opportunity to enjoy music at the Roxy or concerts at Heritage Park in Red Bay. We have the Red Bay Museum, too, plus the exhibits at the Franklin County Archives. We have shows put on by the Bay Tree Council for the Performing Arts, not to mention all the other performances by high school students or coordinated by community and civic organizations, like at the Hoedown, Jam on Sloss Lake, Spruce Pine Day, the Watermelon Festival and beyond. Shows are also staged several times a year by Northwest-Shoals Community College.

We need to put a greater value on the arts and culture outlets we have right here at home. If you haven’t enjoyed one in a while, make it a priority this spring.