Spruce Pine Day brings hat full of surprises

One of our local hallmarks of fall each year is Spruce Pine Day. With a car show, music, food and other vendors and pleasant weather, I always look forward to venturing out to see what each year’s festival brings.

This year’s highlight for me was meeting Clifford Farra. He was showing his 1954 Ford, and while the car was interesting, what really piqued my curiosity was his hat. It has a solar panel on top which powers a fan that’s attached to the hat. He explained he’s had it for a number of years. I may just have to look for one of a similar variety to help combat the heat when out and about.

The RHS Homecoming parade was another fall highlight for me this week. There’s always a wide variety of floats, and the event brings a festive atmosphere to downtown. It’s fun to see everyone gathering and to watch children collecting candy as it’s tossed from the floats and cars as they pass.