Phil Campbell Softball Q&A with Coach Jason Lindsey

Who are your top returning players and what do they bring to your team this year?

“I’ll highlight my lone senior, Macey Welborn. In her six years, she has had several coaches, including myself this year, and she has never given up on her program, her teammates or coaches. She is a true Bobcat in every way, and we will feed off that leadership this year!”

What is your team’s biggest strength going into the season? 

“They work “As One!” We went to watch “Boys in the Boat,” and in the movie, for those guys to overcome their adversity, the doubt, the “us vs the world,” their captain would yell “As One!” This team exemplifies that idea, and because of that, they are one team, with one goal and each one is working hard on their craft to make this team strong and competitive while laying the foundation for a strong, growing program.”

What is your team’s biggest weakness that needs to be improved going forward?

“Confidence! My staff and I see the potential this team has. When they believe in themselves, apply the system we’ve given them and play with an “intent,” they will surprise a lot of folks this year!

What does your pitching rotation look like at this point?

“We are young with two freshman pitchers, Addy James and Shiloh Madden. Both are working hard and will share time on the mound this season.”

What is your biggest defensive strength?

“My middle fielders are probably our defensive strength. They are vocal leaders and play their positions well. Brittney Coffman anchors our outfield and reads the ball off the bat well. Her arm strength makes her a threat to throw girls out routinely.”

What is your biggest offensive strength?

“Our mindset and intent! This team is hungry for success, they’ve worked hard and they have the talent to score a lot. We have focused on our “intent” in the box! They know they have to be patient at the plate, but once they step in that box, their mindset and intent will carry them to success.”

What are the intangibles that could help/hurt during the season?

“Grit, determination and patience will help our season, and lack of patience and confidence will also hurt us. We are young in a lot of areas, and patience will either be our friend or foe. We have the ability to win a lot of games if we will take each pitch, each swing, each play,and each game one at a time and build confidence as the season progresses.”

Who is in your area?

Colbert Heights, Winfield and Carbon Hill.