Courthouse to get new roof and doors

By Staff
Courthouse to get new roof and doors
By Sheila Blackmon/The Meridian Star
Funding has been approved to re-roof a section of the Lauderdale County Courthouse and replace all the exterior double doors.
The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors accepted a bid last week from Nathan E. Daniels Company for $15,055 for the re-roofing. The company's bid was the lowest of four, some of which ranged as high as $27,700.
At the same time, they took two bids under advisement to replace three sets of exterior double doors in the courthouse's main entrances one bid from Norman Enterprises for $13,700 and the other from Mississippi Paint and Glass for $19,381.
The replacement doors have to be approved by the Mississippi State Department of Archives and History.
Hiatt said workers will replace a west-end portion of the roof that is about 20 years old. That section of roof covers the district attorney's offices, County and Youth Court Judge Frank Coleman's office and his courtroom, the second Circuit courtroom and the law libraries.
Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson said she hasn't seen any major work done on that portion of the roof in the nine years she has worked in the courthouse.
Hiatt said the new sets of double doors to be installed will look similar to the old ones but won't have an aluminum finish.
State Department of Archives and History officials meet once a month, and Hiatt said he is not sure if their meeting will come early enough in December for Lauderdale County supervisors to award the bid for the doors by the end of the year.
He said the roof work could begin as early as next week if the weather permits.
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