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One family's Thanksgiving story

By Staff
LITTLE BY LITTLE Rev. Samuel Merriweather adds a box of macaroni to one of the 130 boxes of food he and his wife, Sharon, gathered for needy families. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Stacey Hancock/The Meridian Star
On this Thanksgiving Day, as in the eight that came before it, hundreds of people will feel the generosity of Rev. Samuel Merriweather and his wife, Sharon.
In addition to their work at Hubbard Bethlehem Baptist Church in Lauderdale, the couple has a personal ministry providing meals for needy families during the holidays.
Since then, Merriweather and her family have committed themselves to providing for those less fortunate.
Merriweather and her family did research at the Meridian Housing Authority and Carver Middle School to find people who needed a hand. This year, they are stocking the holiday pantry at 130 homes in the local area. In past years, they have provided cooked and uncooked meals for as many as 300 homes.
The family welcomes support from the community.
To get involved, call Sharon Merriweather at 693-7038.
Stacey Hancock is a staff writer for The Meridian Star.