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Briarwood Church shares message of giving

By By Sheila BlackmonThe Meridian Star
Dec. 13, 2000
The adult choir at Briarwood Baptist Church on Hillview Drive found an interesting way to share the message of giving during the Christmas season a dinner-theater production that showed charity sometimes comes from the hearts of the impoverished.
Adult choir director Buddy McElroy said the three-act play is the choir's fourth dinner-theater production. It was presented Monday and Tuesday night.
The play, "The Richest Family in Town," is based on a true story. Set in the 1940s, it is about a mother and her three children. The father has died, leaving the family struggling.
Two weeks later in the play, an African missionary comes seeking $150 needed for a new mission roof. The family gives him the money and when he asks what name to put in a thank-you letter to the church, the family tells him it's anonymous.
Proceeds from the play will be used to fund a ministry-related trip.
McElroy said the choir has been rehearsing since September, and played to full houses Monday and Tuesday.
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