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Students get jump start on future

By By David Dewease/Special to The Star
Feb. 27, 2001
COLLINSVILLE Ten representatives of local businesses and industries were on hand Friday at West Lauderdale High School's "Career Day."
They spent most of two hours answering questions posed by the members of the junior and senior classes, and students had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of careers.
West Lauderdale is part of the Tech Prep Initiative, intended to help students make the school-to-career transition more effectively. The guests represented all five of the Mississippi Tech Prep "Occupational Clusters" which include: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts/Humanities; Business/Marketing; Engineering/Industry; and Health/Human Services.
Enthusiasm was high whether the students were conducting mock television interviews, talking about computer engineering, learning about the medical field from a registered nurse or finding out what is involved in the advertising field. The guest speakers gave direction to the lives of these students who will soon be entering the work force.
The Career Day was orchestrated through the Career Center at West Lauderdale High School. The center is open to members of the community, who are encouraged to use it. There will be an open house on March 26, from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M. You can also visit the center at
David Dewease is the Career Center coordinator at West Lauderdale High School.
Jennifer Jones, Johnson and Jones
Danny Clearman, Decatur attorney
Lydia Wallace, Rush
Terrell Temple,
Engineering Plus
Robert Goodwin,
Applebee's Restaurant
Eddie Partridge,
Structural Steel
Steve Strong, Lauderdale County Extension Service
Kyle Covington,
Commercial Bank of Collinsville
Deana Day, WMDN/WGBC news anchor
Patricia Tenpenny and Chris Rutledge, Meridian Community College