Meridian High School renovation plans progress

By By Kelly Quackenbush/The Meridian Star
March 9, 2001
Renovations may begin this summer after the Meridian School Board voted Thursday to proceed with phase II of a project at Meridian High School.
The plan includes rerouting traffic, renovations to parking lots, a bus canopy, walkways, storm drainage, and an addition to the activities building. An upgrade of the main building is also planned, along with electrical, lighting and fire alarm improvements.
Phase I of the master plan was approved Feb. 19. It included such work as installation of an elevator, upgrade of wiring, lighting and fire alarms and HVAC/plumbing improvement in the Activities Building. In the Main Building, re-roofing, exterior waterproofing, restroom renovations and HVAC upgrades are scheduled. In the Library/Science Building, work will be done on restrooms, roof and floors. Exterior doors will also be added to health classrooms and improvements made to mechanical and electrical systems.
School board members voted to approve a segment of phase II consisting of an $750,000 addition to the activities building. The addition will include an expansion of the cafeteria and classrooms in the activities building.
The remaining segments of phase II and the other five phases of the master plan for Meridian High School will only be implemented if funding is available.
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