Mayor, council could send a positive message

By Staff
Aug. 19, 2001
As they grapple with serious budget issues, the mayor and members of the Meridian city council are missing an extraordinary opportunity to send a message that "we're all in this together."
The simple act of rescinding their pay raise, or the simple act of returning it to the city treasury, would be of tremendous value, helping build good will and confidence among the employees they are supposed to lead.
So far, only Ward 3 councilwoman Barbara Henson has shown any inclination to consider returning the extra pay. It remains to be seen whether she will actually do it, or just try to wait out the current controversy in which city officials have embroiled themselves.
But let's not be hasty. We should give our elected city officials the benefit of the doubt. The budget process isn't over yet. As the council considers the mayor's budget proposal, they may yet make enough cuts elsewhere to afford a pay raise for police officers and firefighters. Yes, there is still a chance, but no one is holding their breath.