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Moody Plan': Looking for consensus

By By Steve Swogetinsky/The Meridian Star
Nov. 3, 2001
JACKSON House and Senate conferees will spend the weekend at the Capitol, seeking common ground on how to redraw the state's congressional lines.
Both houses of the Mississippi Legislature recessed for the weekend Friday, and will return at 10 a.m. Monday.
The House, which passed the "Tornado Plan" Thursday, brought out a new plan Friday authored by Bobby Moody of Louisville which generally seemed to be more acceptable.
It would keep Lauderdale County intact and in the new central district. However, most of Clarke County would still be placed in the coastal district.
One sticking point might be the number of black people of voting age in the new central district. Under the Tornado Plan, that number is 38.24 percent. The Moody Plan moves it down to 35.06 percent. Under the Senate Plan, put forward by Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck, it is 34 percent.
Tuck said the conferees are now working from the Moody plan, but added that the Senate has some goals they plan to stick by.
Tuck added that she is in favor of keeping Lauderdale County intact.
State Rep. Eric Robinson, R-Quitman, said the Moody Plan is a start.
Meanwhile, Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith is reportedly one of several mayors who have filed a lawsuit asking for the courts to intervene in the re-mapping process.
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