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Special youth deer hunt to be held Saturday and Sunday

By Staff
Nov. 9, 2001
Saturday marks the beginning of the deer season for many young people around the state. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks instituted this special youth hunt several years ago in an attempt to introduce the outdoors to more young people.
By giving the youths an opportunity at the deer before the regular opening day, they stand a much better chance of bagging a deer before the animals get spooky. It's a good bet that if given the chance to harvest a deer, youngsters will be hooked for life.
The special hunt will be held this Saturday and Sunday and will be for youths ages 15 years old and younger. This hunt will be held primarily on private lands. Hunters must inquire at area wildlife management offices about any additional special youth hunts that may be held on wildlife management areas or national forest lands.
All youths must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. This will be an either sex deer hunt with antlerless deer or bucks with 4 points or more legal for harvesting. All hunters are encouraged to bring a youngster and introduce them to the outdoors and deer hunting in particular.
Acorns are plentiful
With the abundant amount of rainfall that we have had this year all conditions were right for an above average acorn crop, and most areas have near record acorn crops this fall. Although many plots have only pine plantations, most areas that have oak trees are really producing a lot of acorns. Hunters having access to acorn producing trees would be well advised to take a stand somewhere near the oaks.
Winter food plots are also looking good this fall with an above normal rainfall having fallen early on. Those hunters who planted before the rains are reporting the best food plots they have seen in several years. The wheat and ryegrass patches have really taken off in most places. Coupled with the recent dry weather and frosts that we have had, the patches should be very good for afternoon hunting this weekend.
For more information on the youth deer hunting weekend contact the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks at (601) 432-2400 or online at
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