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School board hires intervention specialists

By By Steve Gillespie/The Meridian Star
Nov. 20, 2001
Meridian School Superintendent Janet McLin told school board members Monday that the school district received $219,000 in federal funds for student intervention programs.
McLin asked the board to approve the hiring of four people who will work with students before they get into trouble. Board members approved the request.
The new hires: Alicia Norwood, who will be the district's prevention and intervention coordinator; Teddra Clark, who will be intervention monitor; and Margaret Brown and Bruce Merriman, who will be intervention specialists and work with students who have behavior or substance abuse problems.
The school board delayed action on two topics because only three of the five members attended Monday's meeting. Board President Fred Wile and board Secretary Ann Stewart did not attend.
Ed Lynch, the board's vice president, presided over the meeting that included B.J. Barrett and Doris Harper its newest member.
Postponed until the December board meeting was a request to activate a salary schedule change so the district can be more competitive in recruiting technology technicians. The district has one vacancy for the position and is about to have another.
Also postponed was a proposed repeat offender program for students.
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