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Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2002

By Staff
Fond memories of Meridian
To the Editor:
I'd like to take a quick moment to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped make the past several years the best of my life. With mixed emotions I leave Meridian to become the marketing director at RiverGate Mall in Nashville. While I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await there, I'll carry with me many lasting friendships, fond memories and a depth of experience for which I'll always be grateful.
When I first left Meridian in 1976 to join the Navy, I vowed I'd never return to live in my hometown again. I offered little at the time and there was a great big world out there which I wanted to explore. Well, I guess it's true … you should never say never. More importantly, I'm extremely glad that I did return. Serving the wonderful people who make up the trade area for Bonita Lakes Mall has been both an honor and privilege. I never took that responsibility lightly.
Each of you have helped make Bonita Lakes Mall a truly great place. Your patronage helped make it a successful shopping center, a destination location and a wonderful place to work. In the process, you've also helped restore some much needed prosperity to Meridian and Lauderdale County. I sincerely hope you'll continue to do just that and that you'll welcome my relief, Bryan LeBlanc, with the same warmth that you showed me.
You'd think after spending a career in the Navy, moving would be almost second nature. It isn't. In packing up my office and my home, I had many great moments and memories rekindled. I now know why I came back to Meridian and stayed. It's because people like you. Your friendliness is unlike any I've seen anywhere and I thank you again.
Best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous New Year. I'll miss you.
Bob Jenkins
(Former) Property Manager,
Bonita Lakes Mall
What good is U.N.?
To the Editor:
What is the United Nations good for? It is the Oslo vacationing elites' answer to a police force that can furnish troops that are able to kill the opposition to One World Order without shedding the blood of their own kin (think of them on your street confiscating your guns grim foreign faces under blue helmets). It is the force that requires total allegiance and obedience to its terms. It is the final and world size, political blunder an unworkable dream an "if" fantasy of a self anointed class of the worlds "enlightened" useful idiots, money traders and global merchants under the benign false front of the Council on Foreign Relations world membership.
The liberty and freedom of America has been despised from the moment of its inception by those who had to give up their nobility titles Even as General Washington waited for our newly won government to make provisions to pay his troops, there was an effort to get his troops to mutiny against the new country. The CFR is no less ambitious.
Now, leap over all the other domestic and foreign destabilizing tactics of those nobility wannabees to the reign of diamond magnate, Cecil Rhodes, a British subject whose ultimate ambition was to place all the worlds states under the British Empire. He died before his dream was realized but he left a foundation to further that dream of a one world rule it is called the Rhodes Scholarships. Recent prominent members that showed promise are past President William Jefferson Clinton and the current British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Now return to recent history. A young, handsome and glib Bill Clinton looks out on the masses along the march to power and exudes that naughtiness so tempting to girls, wives and mothers that, they will lie for him (many with him), die for him and vote for him..
Even the fouling of America's eagle nest with the worst compilation of diverse scandals in history would not eject him from the desires of giddy giggling voters. Grueling attacks on prosecutors and the "hots for Bill" media, simply wore out justice.
Today, in the pits, two major parties are squared off, snarling over which will get the end of the bone with the most meat while outside the pit global gamblers watch from their elite club seats and select the most effective and cooperative for global grooming.
Be assured, audience, the selection will be an apparition bearing gifts for the woman a fantasy wrapped package of security, understanding, compassion, love, generosity forgiveness, good fantasies, etc. The card will read: Love, the U.N.
A.E. Griffing Sr.