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Schools hope attrition will ease loss of state funds

By By Chris Allen Baker/staff writer
Feb. 9, 2002
Meridian School Superintendent Janet McLin said Friday that employee attrition could help the school district weather the loss of thousands of dollars in state funds next year.
But if not, she said, the district is prepared to cut teachers and possibly delay the purchase of new science text books.
McLin's comments came the same week that the state Department of Education briefed educators about how Mississippi's financial problems will affect public schools.
Education leaders said that a proposal from legislative budget officials would give public schools $111.4 million less than what they need for the fiscal year that starts July 1.
In Meridian, the public school system could receive $900,000 less from the state than it will this year. Meridian has a $56 million budget this year, including $22 million from the state.
In Lauderdale County, the public school system could receive $767,000 less from the state next year than it will this year. The county schools have a $44 million budget this year, with $22.6 million from the state.
Lauderdale County School Superintendent David Little said that his district already has trimmed personnel.
He he will combat a possible reduction in state funds next year through attrition and by delaying textbook purchases. Little said he has no plans to cut teachers.
McLin said class enrollment will be examined in Meridian and some elective subjects could be eliminated. Vacant teaching positions could go unfilled next year, she said.
She said every effort will be made to avoid teacher layoffs. She said teachers and students could have fewer resources next year with which to work.