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Rainy days tough for newspaper carriers, too

By Staff
Brent Davis is Circulation Director of The Meridian Star.
Whoever wrote "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" must have been a newspaper carrier at some point in their career.
I'm sure everyone has noticed that we have had a tremendous amount of rain here in Meridian lately. One of our great challenges here in the circulation department of The Meridian Star is to make sure our customers receive a nice, dry newspaper even when it is raining cats and dogs (hey, don't step in that poodle!).
You see, you simply cannot toss a newspaper through a rolled up car (or truck) window. Pouring rain or not, you have to roll down your window to toss a paper in a yard or even to place it in one of our nifty Meridian Star newspaper tubes. By the time you have done this a few times you and the interior of your vehicle are soaking wet.
When there is even a threat of rain we recommend that our independently contracted carriers "bag all papers." Our carriers spend over $1,000 per month (as a group) to purchase plastic bags to help keep your newspaper dry on those wet days. Plastic bags, rubber bands and gasoline are just a few of the expenses our carriers incur each month as part of their newspaper distribution business.
So the next time a wet, rainy day comes along take a moment to think about your newspaper carrier out there facing the elements. And, if by chance, the rain does get to your newspaper please give one of our circulation customer service specialist a call at (601) 693-1551 and we will correct the situation.
We appreciate all the hard work our carriers do and we LOVE our subscribers. Thanks for being one.