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Sunday, June 2, 2002

By Staff
Auditor responds to Star's editorial
To the editor:
Please let me respond to your May 22 editorial regarding pending audit cases needing resolution. First, as you accurately reported, the case involving the former (assistant) director of the Meridian Airport Authority has been transferred to the attorney general for prosecution. Our investigation into that matter has been completed since March when prosecutors received the file. Also, I expect some final resolution to the Meridian Police Department investigation within a matter of weeks.
It is difficult to adequately explain the challenges of investigating and prosecuting such cases. Oftentimes, information which at first seems important loses credibility under an investigation that must bear the burden of truth beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important to remember this burden of proof is much more difficult to establish in a court of law than a coffee shop.
I will assure you, the final results of all audit investigations are public information and are published each year in our Annual Exceptions Report, which is available for review on our Web site at A final report is also on file with the governmental entity involved. No case is closed without such a well-defined resolution.
Phil Bryant
State Auditor
Carmichael's party switch an act of conscience
To the editor:
I read the May 15th letter to the editor by Joe Clay Hamilton regarding Videt Carmichael's move to the Republican Party. Mr. Hamilton stated, "We are welcome to him." Well, we are glad to have him.
Further, any Democrat, be they black, white, red, yellow, male or female that has an act of conscience and sanity is welcome in the Republican Party. Anyone who looks at their paycheck and realizes the state is taking out too much in taxes and then squanders our money with each legislative session is welcome.
Anyone who believes that the future of our state should not be controlled by a bunch of trial lawyers is welcome. Anyone who realizes that (House Speaker) Tim Ford has no concept of budget, nor does he care how hard we have to work to provide those dollars each April 15th is welcome. Anyone who thinks that each Mississippian should be afforded an education and opportunities to work, but is tired of paying for those who refuse to take advantage of either, is welcome.
Anyone who understands that attentive, responsible and caring parents raise responsible children, not "a Village" or the ACLU, is welcome.
I am very proud of Videt's act of selflessness and good conscience. As a representative of the voters of east Mississippi, Videt should hold the values of those he represents. Rather than his leaving the Democratic Party, I feel that the Democratic Party left the people of east Mississippi. We work too hard supporting our families to blindly follow Democratic legislators who squander the already too high tax dollars coming out of our wallets.
After the last legislative debacle, many Democrats in the House and Senate should take a hard look at their own conscience and common sense. When you wake up, Mr. Hamilton, we'll welcome you too.
Scott Carmichael
(formerly of Meridian)
Time to get rid of Mississippi legislators
To the editor:
I am writing about our legislators in Jackson. Folks, it is time for the people of Mississippi to vote every one of our present representatives in Jackson out and to get people that will go to Jackson and do their jobs in the 90 days that they have the first of the year. I don't care what party they belong to.
The ones that we have over there now seem to only get more money. To start with, they make as much in 90 days as most working people make in in two years, then they leave things undone so they will be called into a special session by the governor to complete the tasks they should have done to start with. This is just an underhanded way for them to get themselves a pay raise without directly voting themselves a raise.
They say there isn't enough money to fund Medicaid, but they can come up with $50,000 to pay themselves a day for the special session. That figures out to be approximately $287 a day for each day that they are in special session, more than most working people in Mississippi get paid for a week's work.
First it was the flag issue, then it was redistricting, now it is under-funding Medicaid. Then there is the tort reform issue. It doesn't many days to add up to the $120 million that they under-funded Medicaid.
I say that it is time for the voters of Mississippi to clean out Jackson of all the present politicians, and I mean all from the governor on down. Let's elect some people that will do their jobs as they are supposed to.
Huey P. Long
MCC president says thanks to MHS
To the editor:
I am writing to publicly acknowledge the support of Meridian High School in assisting Meridian Community College with its spring commencement services. Because Meridian High recently permitted the College to utilize Ray Stadium for commencement, we were able to accommodate everyone who desired to attend the ceremony about 3,000 spectators.
Dr. Janet McLin, superintendent, and MHS principal James Bounds and his staff have been very gracious to work with the college for the past four years on our commencement programs. Without their help, MCC would have faced the unpleasant prospect of holding the program indoors and, therefore, limiting each graduate to four tickets. That would have precluded many loved ones and friends from seeing their special honoree receive his/her degree.
I think it's great when public agencies are able to support one another to better serve their constituents. Meridian High's support of MCC's commencement is a good example of that.
Dr. Scott D. Elliott
Meridian Community College