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Sunday, Aug. 25, 2002

By Staff
Hold city officials
accountable for
conditions at
fire station No. 2
To the editor:
As a taxpayer, I would like to ask all other taxpayers to go and look at fire station No. 2. All fire stations are built with "our" tax dollars. Go see how the leaders of our city have let the property disintegrate.
In this time of honoring these brave men and women, go see how Meridian officials treat their own. I say if the mayor and city council condone this type of treatment then we as taxpayers should vote every one of them out of office.
I know it's easy to sit back and not think of the firefighters. They are really not appreciated until they are needed. These are the people who run into buildings when everyone else is running out. They put their lives on the line every time they respond to an alarm.
All firefighters have a strong sense of duty. Let's not forget our own. Join me in holding the mayor, city council, and the chief accountable for the deplorable conditions they make the firefighters at No. 2 endure. It's time for them to get the repairs made.
Don't take my word for it  go look for yourself. They can plant bushes and trees so non-Meridianites can see them as they pass by on the interstate, then make our brave firefighters sleep in a damp, moldy, leaking building.
This is a shame.
Charles T. Couch
Jobs don't seem
important to Herring
To the editor:
Nowhere in the interview published with GOP chairman Jim Herring (The Meridian Star, Aug. 18) did I see him mention the large manufacturing facility, Nissan, that is located a mile or two from his house in Canton. Jobs seem to be unimportant to him.
Jim Mayo
Dress code
at Bonita Lakes?
To the editor:
Please, someone needs to post the uniform dress code of the Bonita Lakes Mall. I must apologize to the security guard for not reviewing the mall rule book before traveling through that sacred area.
I am a 100 percent disabled American veteran and, as my pregnant wife was pushing me through the mall with my 16-month-old child in my lap, I was accosted by a security guard who demanded that I turn my baseball cap around. You'd think that they had better things to do with their time than ruin the night of two decent, law abiding citizens.
The point of this goes to those who want to infringe upon my freedom of expression. Once upon a time I took an oath to uphold and defend, yet there are some that don't deserve it.
Carl D. Schultz 1LT, IN (Ret.)
Wake up, Dalewood
To the editor:
Wake up, Dalewood! Have you not been paying for the privilege of a gate since you moved there? Read the regulations dated March 9, 2000, page 2 line 1: The property owner is present at the gate when his guests arrive.
Who voted to take down the guard house near the main dam in the first place? Now there are new fees for a gate, so what have the dues up to now been applied to?
How often is the Dalewood Property Owners Association going to build gates and guardhouses, dismantle them, then hit you up for the cost of a new one? Maintenance? Security? Has anyone ever seen security actually stopped besides to lock and unlock beach areas?
I witnessed an ATV with four children driving on E. Parkway S. and was appalled at the thought of what could happen if there was an accident. But, oh, how I was relieved to see that security was in front of them.
Come on residents, parents, concerned property owners, wake up. There are rules posted everywhere, but who enforces them? Speed limit signs. Trash. Glass containers. Water safety. Life jackets.
I would just like to know what we all have been paying dues for? I had company in August and was excited to show off the beach and facilities, only to find the bathrooms had been boarded up due to vandalism. Six months later we all receive a notice stating the toilets have been fixed for less than $600 (the total of two dues payments). So why did it take so long for repairs?
I could go on and on, but the editor has limited letters to 300 words, and I for one like to obey rules and regulations. Just read your rules and restrictions and see how many really apply to the area in which you pay to live.
Jean Busby
No longer living at Dalewood