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New jet service boost for community

By Staff
May 11, 2003
The vision of sleek new airplanes taking off and landing at Meridian Regional Airport became a reality last week as Delta Airlines subsidiary Atlantic Southeast Airlines launched jet service between Meridian and Atlanta. This new jet service is a boost to the entire community good for business and leisure travel and for the overall cause of economic development.
The new service puts Meridian passengers a step away from just about any destination on earth through Atlanta's busy airport. The smooth-flying, efficient, 50-passenger Canadair Regional Jets will make flying more enjoyable and competition from other airports should ensure that ticket prices are affordable. This is a good match of reasonable service at reasonable fares.
Competition is king in the airline industry, which has taken its financial hits since 9-11 in a down economy. Now may be the perfect time to take another look at airplane travel from our own local airport.
We encourage air passengers from Meridian to explore the options offered by ASA's new jet service from Meridian Regional Airport. Let's use it.