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The basic question

By Staff
June 8, 2003
The question that voters in Meridian and Lauderdale County should be asking of their candidates and elected officials this year is really quite simple: "What are you doing to create more and better paying jobs?"
The answer to that question is fundamental as work continues on the Riley Education and Performing Arts Center, Grand Opera House and Arts District Parking Garage. It is fundamental to the eventual success or failure of the proposed Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center and to the newly-disclosed possibility of renovations to the Threefoot Building.
As attractive as all of these projects are, as attractive as future retail development can be, the economic formula still cooks down to the fact that better paying jobs lead to a higher quality of life. Satisfied people (read that workers and families) make a community work, and really nice buildings are just a bonus.
We have been and continue to support all of the projects that may eventually lend a new, artsy flair to our hometown. Renovations to the Threefoot Building could also help stimulate downtown development by breathing new life into the city's most distinctive landmark.
And, as these projects unfold, let's also recommit our support for efforts that are under way to attract higher-skilled, better-paying jobs that help create new wealth for the citizens in our community.