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A time to heal

By Staff
July 13, 2003
The outpouring of emotional support for the victims of Tuesday's shootings at Lockheed Martin has been nothing short of overwhelming. It's what we expect of a compassionate, caring community that shares grief and mourns the losses of so many good people in a senseless act of violence on a terrible Tuesday morning.
The truth is that the people in our extended community, spilling over into neighboring west Alabama, have always demonstrated the endearing capacity to care deeply about their fellow residents. We've never hesitated to share our money for the variety of important charitable purposes that do such outstanding work. We've never hesitated to share our blood for others in times of need.
Today, we share our hopes that time will help in the healing process. As we reflect on the events of the past week, we know that what our community needs most is that precious time.
As human beings, we know that people have been taken from this community who can never be replaced in the lives, hearts and minds of their families. The initial shock of such trauma is always followed by the deepest imaginable grief. We also know that, somehow, healing must be part of the equation. Many people from all walks of life, of all ages and races, have expressed such a desire in funeral services, memorial services and candlelight vigils. We also feel in our hearts a new beginning has been made.
There will likely be much talk today in pulpits across the community of love, forgiveness and mercy, of hope and healing. May we suggest that mercy and forgiveness are ultimately in the hands of God alone; love, hope and healing, with His help, we have to do for ourselves. And we will.